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“Benefits came immediately, as in day one of CompanyCam.”

How CompanyCam helps Sol Vista Roofing build trust with their internal teams and prospects.




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The Problem

Storing photos and videos on personal devices and hard drives = 👎

Back in the day when Kyle Shirley, president of Sol Vista Roofing, and his team weren’t using CompanyCam, it was a mess. All photos, videos, documents, etc. were stored on individual smartphones and laptop hard drives. 

Time was wasted day in and day out. They were constantly texting and emailing each other — around and around in circles. When projects got confusing, they resorted to phone calls and text messages, often losing track of context and important information.

Their reports and to-do lists were spread across many devices and were difficult to share. As Kyle said, it caused a lot of headaches for our office, sales, and production teammates.”

The Solution

Report templates and REAL-TIME visual communication = 👍

When we started using CompanyCam, it felt like we had found an easy button,” Kyle said. To Kyle and his team, the benefits of CompanyCam came immediately. Kyle said, as in day ONE of using CompanyCam.”

Sol Vista Roofing no longer had to ask team members to stop doing what you’re doing and send us one or two key photos and call to explain the issue!” Now with CompanyCam, employees can capture the problem quickly and communicate it in real-time through documentation. And using edits and notes on each photo can describe a complicated roofing issue. Kyle said, as well as propose repair plans with just a few swipes on our smartphones!”

According to Kyle, this new and improved process cuts down on time estimating by about half (especially with repair jobs that require custom-tailored solutions).

More recently, Sol Vista Roofing has been finding comfort and confidence” using the CompanyCam Reports feature. They upgraded their CompanyCam plan and have been taking advantage of the report template: I wish we would have [started using the templates] even sooner.”

When Sol Vista Roofing introduces themselves to new commercial property owners and managers, using reports and templates to provide unbiased roof assessments has been a great way to build trust with our prospects.”

Kyle shirley headshot
“We use it daily.”
Kyle Shirley  —  Owner, Sol Vista Roofing

Spending money on the right software is money well spent.

For a tech-enabled roofing company like Sol Vista Roofing, it’s important to frequently evaluate their systems and software. They ask themselves: Which are essential and which should be eliminated? 

CompanyCam is never part of that conversation because it’s one of the easiest tools we can justify continuing to purchase.” 

Sol Vista Roofing uses CompanyCam daily. Kyle said, It saves us so much time that the only alternative would be to hire an additional resource just to keep our data and photo storage and sharing organized.”

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