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The Problem

Photo documentation was not a priority. It was purely random” and disorganized.

Josh Cauley, Wicks Solar Inc. operations manager, has a lot on his plate. As Wicks Solar began to scale significantly, it became apparent the company’s mediocre communication system was not going to cut it.

Before CompanyCam, Josh would ask his crews and sales people to take photos. Taking photos is important for job site documentation, sales pitches, site audits, installations, etc. But, no matter how valuable and important photo documentation is, there was no real flow of photos.” This was stressful for Josh (and the whole company, quite frankly!).

Lack of communication between crews and/​or managers also caused problems. Being unable to find photos, contact employees, and track information was taking a toll.

The Solution

Seeing the job before the action takes place. Always being one-step ahead!

CompanyCam has changed the game! Now being able to see jobs before technicals are on site has removed multiple obstacles. Managers are able to figure out if jobs are going to work and how to qualify it before stepping foot on the site.

Photo documentation has improved throughout Wicks Solar: starting with the sales reps to the installation crews. These CompanyCam photos can show what crews are doing, where equipment goes, where the pipe needs to be installed, etc. 

Wicks Solar Roofing uses CompanyCam’s to do list feature, too. It helps them now categorize each aspect of the job — solving the problem of clutter and disorganization.

Josh Cauley Headshot
“I use CompanyCam every day.”
Josh Cauley  —  Operations Manager, Wicks Solar Roofing

Photo documentation matters

When a business starts to scale, getting the right tools is critical. Having been in the solar industry since the early 90s, Josh knows a thing or two about solar — and he understood the value of adapting and finding our new ways to assist the business in its growth.

CompanyCam enhances business growth. CompanyCam optimizes and scales it! Josh and Wicks Solar Roofing can now track projects and stay up to date like never before.

Think five years down the road. Where will all your business photos and projects be? How will you know who worked on which site? CompanyCam answers all those questions in a matter of seconds! Say goodbye to lost documentation and unaccounted for mistakes. 

With the right tools, businesses will continue to grow and reach new heights: just like Wicks Solar Roofing.

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