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“It’s so many different tools for us than just photo capture.”

How Apple Roofing Scaled Sustainably with the Help of CompanyCam







Customer Since


The Problem

Maintaining quality control amid rapid growth

Apple Roofing was founded in Nebraska in 2011 to make roofing a sweeter experience for their customers.” To do that, they prioritize people, processes, and technology at the core of everything they do.

After 10 years in business, Apple Roofing felt their opportunity as a company was limited by the size of the market. They put their core values into action and began merging with other roofing and exterior operations, expanding to 17 offices in 10 states.

Now, they have their sights set on becoming the country’s best customer service and experience in the roofing industry.

Case study apple roofing
“We want to know that we’re doing the same things on every job. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a customer [in Nebraska], Colorado, or Texas… we can produce a consistent, high-quality standard for our customers.”
Chris Stephenson  —  production coordinator, Apple Roofing
The Solution

Standardized checklists for photo documentation

But one of the most significant issues with scaling is maintaining the standard of quality and clear communication that got you to that point — each of those 17 locations manages nearly as many active projects at any given time!

One of the businesses they merged with used CompanyCam and advocated for it to be standardized across all Apple Roofing locations.

CompanyCam joined Apple Roofing’s tech stack — along with their custom-built CRM and customer engagement platform — to help them run their day-to-day operations and facilitate communication between the office and the field.

They see CompanyCam as more than a photo capture tool. With custom-built, in-app checklists, they can ensure their team members are capturing everything that needs to be captured and relaying it to the office so that it can be reviewed and used for estimating bids and materials purchases.

Justin martindale
“When you’re talking about scaling, you have 200 people trying to do the same job, and you’re trying to set standards… the checklists that we’ve been able to create in CompanyCam are amazing.”
Justin Martindale  —  sales manager, Apple Roofing


Their 130+ sales team members can better tell the story of Apple Roofing by showing customers photos of their own houses and, in great detail, what the homeowner needs to address. This builds credibility and trust in Apple Roofing to take care of their home.



Their production team captures photos of every part of their job, from where they first parked the trailer for tear-off to the final nail picked up with a magnet. Photos instantly go from their in-app checklists to a field supervisor’s phone on the ground and the production coordinator’s computer screen in the office. 

This helps catch costly mistakes before they happen:

A crew backs an empty trailer onto a customer’s lawn with permission. A supervisor sees that photo in CompanyCam and quickly calls the crew to tell them to move it because they know that once it’s loaded, they’ll, at best, leave four-inch ruts in the lawn and, at worst, be on the hook for a cracked driveway and broken sprinkler lines.



Apple Roofing holds in-person, weeklong training at their headquarters, which they admit can be like drinking from a firehose.” CompanyCam’s checklists and reference photos serve as a training tool for newer employees to know what the picture they need to take should look like and what details they should include.



Since implementation, Apple Roofing has benefited from the streamlined communication and job site transparency that CompanyCam provides. They’ve standardized quality control across all aspects of their business, from sales and customer experience to materials buying and insurance supplementation.

But at the end of the day, ComapnyCam has helped them execute their goal of making roofing a sweet experience for their customers and employees:

1.2 MM
Reports Created
Marcus kuhlmann
“It’s a big deal for us to drive that home and make sure that we catch every little thing that could be wrong to make sure that we’re putting on the best roof that we can put on.”
Marcus Kuhlmann  —  COO, co-founder, Apple Roofing

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