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“The tool that helped us create a process.”

How CompanyCam brought real advantages” to 5 Star Painting of South Bend.




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The Problem

A sporadic, undefined photo process.

Before CompanyCam, Five Star Painting of South Bend had a sporadic” photo documentation system. Struggling to get his crews to take photos, Anthony Kulikowski was unaware of the benefits of photo reporting. 

Without intentional documentation or a detailed photo reporting process staying on top of projects and in the loop was difficult. In addition, capturing photos meant managing the media and paying for storage. Who wants to deal with that? 

And THEN, when you need to find a photo, it could take a long time to track it down. Who took the photo? Whose phone was it on? Was it labeled correctly? Put in the correct folder? Talk about a headache.

The Solution

Embedding CompanyCam into the sales, scheduling, and production stages of a job.

When Anthony and the crew at Five Star Painting of South Bend started using CompanyCam, they started not knowing the full potential of it.” The bare bones were obvious:

  1. CompanyCam means not taking up storage on employees’ phones.

  2. CompanyCam keeps business owners in the loop with the progress of jobs.

But to Anthony’s surprise, CompanyCam covers your a$$,” as he said. When Anthony faced a false claim, the CompanyCam documentation came in handy. He was no longer liable for his client’s flooded basement. His sales rep had a CompanyCam photo showing the sump pit was unplugged before their project.

Anthony and his crew members have now referred several people to CompanyCam. They have become advocates for building trust with their clients, team, and beyond.

Kulikawski anthony headshot
“CompanyCam gives you real, big advantages.”
Anthony Kulikowski  —  Franchise Owner, Five Star Painting of South Bend

Running a business comes with its unique challenges. There are many moving parts: job site documentation, reports, crew members, stressed homeowners, etc. Using CompanyCam as their all-in-one documentation hub removes a lot of that from their plate. As Five Star Painting of South Bend learned, CompanyCam encourages structure and organization across your business. Try CompanyCam for free today and see if it’ll take your business to the next level — as it did with Five Star Painting of South Bend! 


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