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“It literally has saved us $50,000 a year.”

How CompanyCam helps Reliant Roofing employees get more done.




Jacksonville, Florida





The Problem

Taking digital camera with SD cards to every job site. Uploading photos was a full time job!

Reliant Roofing has always valued efficiency, organization, and a thorough process. They have consistently documented their roofing projects, but adding CompanyCam to their daily routine has changed the way they organize their work. The old way of doing things required every Project Manager and Assessment Specialist to take digital cameras with SD cards out to every job site to take photos. Once the SD cards were full or the project ended, the crew would return to the office to exchange their full cards for new ones. Reliant Roofing understood how tedious that process was and realized they needed a new solution. 

The daunting work to take photos with a digital camera and the process of taking full SD card to the production team became too much. Each project had to be uploaded onto desktops and uploaded to Google Drive. This is common practice for roofing companies around the country and the process can quite literally take all day. At Reliant Roofing, uploading photos became a full time position. 

The Solution

Simplified job site documentation by CompanyCam organizing, storing, + sharing everything

Reliant Roofing discovered CompanyCam and decided they finally had enough of the digital nightmare. The switch to CompanyCam made life easier. The goal was to improve the dissemination of information throughout the entire staff. And avoid going through the daily hurdles of texting and emailing notes over pictures to save in Google Drive. 

To complement their existing organization strategies and maximize communication, Reliant Roofing brought CompanyCam in to help simplify their job site documentation. 

CompanyCam offers an opportunity for the entire team to be involved on each project. Having the ability to communicate problems on CompanyCam saves Reliant Roofing both time and money. Once Reliant Roofing added CompanyCam to the mix and began documenting all of their jobs in one place, efficiency increased significantly for the entire team. 

It’s a fantastic and completely necessary tool for our company, especially with the amount of projects we do,” Cameron said.​“We love that the images are uploaded in real time.” 

Cameron shouppe headshot
“Switching to CompanyCam was one of the best decisions we ever made. It literally saved us $50k a year, by clearing up an entire position within our company.”
Cameron Shouppe  —  Owner, Reliant Roofing

More work is completed with ease

They have a weekly company production meeting revolved around the team coming together to discuss, in depth, the photos taken on CompanyCam of every single job that awaits in the pipeline. They address issues and concerns to create job notes for the projects moving into production for the following week. Justin, their Senior Client Manager, described the meeting as​“completely necessary, and would be nearly impossible without CompanyCam.”

CompanyCam has also been utilized as a marketing tool by their Director of Public Relations, Adrienne Menzies. It truly is the most effective way to document our projects,” Adrienne said.​“Having the ability to have before and after photos from every single project is incredibly vital for my role.” 

She can simply log in to CompanyCam, search for a recent project, get the before and after photos and — boom — she has a new social media post. And she doesn’t have to go to the job site to take these photos.

Now that I’m able to focus on other things besides uploading photos all day, I feel that it’s truly elevated my position at Reliant and opened the opportunity to take on other major roles,”, said Shannon Zipoy, Reliant Roofing’s Director of Production.

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