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“What we did before CompanyCam was very hit or miss”

How CompanyCam brought efficiency to Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing’s process.







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Unlimited Storage

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The Problem

Uploading + organizing photos daily is very time-consuming

Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing had a documentation process:

Take the photos. Email those photos. Download them. Upload them into Dropbox. Edit the file names. Date them. Organize them into the right folder. Rinse and repeat. For every. single. job. 

Every job site requires attention. Equipment, progress, crew projects — everything needs to be documented and saved. Daniel Squires with Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing found this process tedious and consuming. Be it wasting working hours or buying storage space, their system was unsustainable and inefficient.

Being a loyal customer and user of Successware, Daniel’s team was also on the hunt for compatible software. As their business grew, the need for a photo reporting, documentation, and visual-first communication solution became more and more essential.

The Solution

A standardized process with CompanyCam. And go paperless!

Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing uses Successware as their dispatching software. So the seamless integration between Successware and CompanyCam made CompanyCam all the more appealing. CompanyCam offers many, many integrations.

The integration cut the photo uploading/​downloading/​sending/​sharing steps down to one: Now all I got to do is have somebody click on [an icon in Successware] and boom! It opens up the space for a particular job [in CompanyCam].” Almost like magic! 🪄

They use CompanyCam to store important documents, too. Technicians take photos of all signed documents and store them within CompanyCam. They are forever safe in the CompanyCam project. This has reduced travel between clients and job sites and made the signed documents more readily available. Not to mention saving the environment — say bye-bye to lots of printing!

Daniel Squires headshot
“It fills a real vital need that we have to accomplish.”
Daniel Squires  —  President, Vincent's Heating and Plumbing

Visual communication will save you time and money

Daniel said, what we did before [CompanyCam] was so hit or miss, it made us really aware of how valuable having actual photographic record of a job site condition is.” After understanding the value of photo reporting, Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing took on CompanyCam as a business standard.

Photos can change the game! Daniel shared a time when his business was almost blamed for property damage, had it not been for a photo! After that incident, Daniel now requires documentation on every job. I’ve got to have that protection on every job.” 

Daniel even said, it’s valuable enough for me to have those photos that I’m willing to pay them a little extra [for it.]” If Daniel’s crew takes all the correct photos, they each get an additional $20. They’ve incorporated quite a bit of things” with CompanyCam into their regular process.


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