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The Contractors

CompanyCam’s own Michael Gogan hosts this must-listen podcast for contractors, business owners, and leaders. He talks with folks in the industry and gets real about their successes, failures, and lessons learned.

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The Man, The Myth, The Host.

Michael Gogan has a passion for problem solving and brings that passion to every conversation he has with contractors, industry pros, and his good buddies.

After spending nearly a decade as a teacher, coach, and athletic director, Michael now spends his time helping contractors win with a wide array of tips, tricks, and procedures. His unique mix of industry knowledge, education experience, and curiosity makes him the perfect host for the Contractors’ Playbook.


The CompanyCast.

The CompanyCast brought together experts from all sorts of industries to share tips and ticks on how to improve and grow your business. While we’re no longer uploading new episodes, the CompanyCast episode archive has some awesome insights from partners, industry pros, and more!

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