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Oct 21, 2020

CompanyCam Secures $6M Investment

Nebraska-based construction startup set for growth and product development.

CompanyCam, the Lincoln-based documentation and communication app for contractors, has secured a $6M Series A funding round led by Blueprint Equity, a growth equity fund based in San Diego, CA.

When asked for a quote about the funding, Founder and CEO of CompanyCam, Luke Hansen replied only by reciting a line from one his favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber, We’re really doing it Harry!”

This investment comes as CompanyCam celebrates its fifth year in business. With a solid and loyal user base, the construction-minded app will use the funds to accelerate its rapid growth, expand functionality, and grow its in-house and remote teams to meet consumer demands for additional features.

The news of this Series A investment accompanies another major announcement from CompanyCam — the app is now completely free for small companies — up to three users and fifty saved projects. Not only has CompanyCam released a free version of their product, they’ve also rolled out CompanyCam Pro. For $19/​user per month, companies on CompanyCam Pro can have unlimited users and projects, as well as access to unlimited video capture and integration plug-ins for industry CRMs, invoicing software, and more.

Letting customers use CompanyCam for free is key to our long-term vision of being the best way for contractors to work together in capturing field data and putting it to work,” says Levi Nelson, COO of CompanyCam. It lowers the barrier for potential customers to see the value of CompanyCam and also paves the way for exciting collaborative enhancements to come.”

We are very excited to be partners with CompanyCam,” says Bobby Ocampo, Managing Partner of Blueprint Equity. The construction space – particularly the businesses CompanyCam serves – is massive yet highly fragmented; CompanyCam has grown tremendously serving small to medium-sized customers that have traditionally been underserved.”

CompanyCam is eager to keep momentum and continue to release new features, refine their core product, and continue growing — both their user base and their company in Lincoln, NE.


About CompanyCam: Founded in 2015, CompanyCam has changed how contractors work. Through its complete photo solution, which allows companies to take unlimited photos — all of which are location and time stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored securely — CompanyCam allows contractors of any kind to manage and monitor projects from anywhere. With 140M photos in the cloud and counting, CompanyCam is dedicated to providing contractors with the easiest and most productive photo solution. For more information, visit Com​pa​ny​Cam​.com.

About Blueprint Equity: Blueprint Equity provides expansion capital to rapidly growing enterprise software and technology-enabled services businesses across North America. To learn more about Blueprint Equity, visit onblue​print​.com.

Mar 21, 2019

Flood Victims now have Free Access to Powerful Photo Documentation Tool

CompanyCam to use its product to aid in the restoration efforts of its home state

Lincoln, NE: In the wake of the massive and historic flooding that has taken place across Nebraska and Western Iowa, Lincoln-based startup, CompanyCam, is using its powerful photo documentation app to help its neighbors get back on their feet. 

It’s impossible to get on Facebook or watch the local news without being inundated by photos of complete destruction,” said Luke Hansen, Founder and CEO of CompanyCam. We knew we needed to do something to help in any way we could.” 

CompanyCam will be offering its service free for six months to anyone in the affected areas, allowing them to properly document any and all losses or damage, in order to maximize returns, insurance claims and any additional federal or state relief funds that may become available. (com​pa​ny​cam​.com/​f​l​o​o​d​-​r​elief)

The better your documentation is, the more quickly and thoroughly you are going to see your insurance money,” said Kyle King, Marketing Director of CompanyCam. We’ve seen how photo documentation can prove beneficial to the claims process time and again. We wanted to be able to give everyone affected by these floods the same opportunity to quickly get their maximum claim and get back to their lives.” 

CompanyCam is a photo capture tool that automatically organizes photos by location and stores them securely in the cloud, creating a clear separation between your personal photos and your storm damage photos. It comes complete with unlimited storage and a tool to quickly create photo reports of all damages to submit to your insurance company. 

We work with tons of restoration companies who use CompanyCam day in and day out to document this kind of damage, so we know how important getting the right photos is when dealing with insurance companies,” said Hansen. 

CompanyCam, along with BK Restoration, will be publishing informational materials on its blog educating those affected on how to properly document damage in the coming weeks. In addition, CompanyCam will be hosting webinars with restoration companies and insurance companies on their Facebook page to provide victims easy access to important information and answers as they begin the rebuilding process. (com​pa​ny​cam​.com/​b​l​o​g​/​f​l​o​o​d​-​r​e​s​t​o​r​a​t​i​o​n​-​c​h​e​c​klist)

If you have not been affected, but are looking for ways to help, please consider donating to the American Red Cross of Nebraska & Southwest Iowa, The Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska, United Way of the Midlands, or other community foundations. 

Company Cam is proud to be #NebraskaStrong.

Jun 20, 2018

Construction Startup Partners with Drone Software

CompanyCam and DroneDeploy announce integration.

Lincoln, NE: CompanyCam, the complete photo solution for contractors, recently announced an integration with DroneDeploy, a drone software company with the largest drone data platform in the world. 

Through the DroneDeploy app market, CompanyCam users can activate the CompanyCam platform and upload plan data and individual images from the flight directly to projects in CompanyCam. By combining the CompanyCam GPS tagging and DroneDeploy flight data, users of either platform can seamlessly import their drone photos into the correct CompanyCam project. 

Drones have become integral to so many industries, including construction,” said Luke Hansen, CEO of CompanyCam. No one does drones better than DroneDeploy, so we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.”

DroneDeploy has built such a great platform for drone imagery,” added Cole Voss, lead front end developer at CompanyCam. Integrating with DroneDeploy will add a whole new dimension to contracting projects within CompanyCam.”

We are very excited to have CompanyCam as a DroneDeploy App Market partner. The integration between both platforms will deliver seamless workflows for our key construction customers and help them more effectively document job-sites and increase productivity.” said Nicolas Guerra-Mondragon, Business Development Manager at DroneDeploy. 

CompanyCam can be found in the DroneDeploy app market. Existing CompanyCam users can install the app through DroneDeploy, log in, and have instant access to the platform and all CompanyCam projects.

Sep 13, 2017

Nebraska Contractors Eligible for Free Software Program

CompanyCam Announces Homefield Advantage Campaign

Lincoln, NE: This morning CompanyCam, the complete photo solution for contractors, announced its Homefield Advantage campaign. Luke Hansen, founder and CEO of CompanyCam, wanted to find a unique way to show his appreciation for his home state of Nebraska. Hansen had the idea to provide CompanyCam’s service, which is usually $12 per user per month, free of charge to every contractor in Nebraska. 

Coming from a family that started a roofing business in Nebraska and now starting my own company, I’ve come to see just how supportive the community is here,” said Hansen. We had the idea to offer CompanyCam to every Nebraska contractor after winning a pitch competition among Midwestern startups that was held here in Lincoln back in June. We really saw the Nebraska community come together and support these startups from around the Midwest and we wanted to show our thanks.”

With over 9,000 users, more than 7M photos taken, and nearly 1M projects created, CompanyCam is establishing itself as an industry leader in photo management for contractors. 

To celebrate the kick off of Homefield Advantage, CompanyCam will be hosting a tailgate for the University of Nebraska v. Rutgers University football game on September 23, 2017. The tailgate will be sponsored by Union Bank and Trust, Relentless Merch, White Castle Roofing, Haymarket Square Developers, Revolution Wraps, and The Doughnut Hole. The Lincoln, NE community has already shown great support for local startups and CompanyCam is excited for the opportunity to give back.

The Homefield Advantage campaign will kick off on September 18, 2017 and last until October 31, 2017. Customer’s free year of CompanyCam begins the date they sign up and will end in the fall of 2018.

Jun 01, 2017

CompanyCam Launches Before and After Camera

The New Must-Have Marketing Tool For Contractors

Lincoln, NE: CompanyCam, the complete photo solution for contractors, announced a new camera feature to the CompanyCam app. The new Before and After camera allows users to quickly create shareable progress and transformation photos, perfect for posting on social media platforms. CompanyCam aims to create an easier way for contractors to let their work speak for itself and help market their services more effectively. 

Here at CompanyCam we believe in changing how contractors work and creating opportunities to work smarter instead of harder,” said Luke Hansen, CEO of CompanyCam, We’re excited about the Before and After camera and the potential it has to make contractors’ lives easier as well as give them the ability to market themselves in a simpler way.” 

The Before and After camera is a quick and easy way for contractors to document their project’s transformation. Simply choose a photo from the beginning of the project, snap the after photo using the alignment tools in the camera and pick a template to showcase the project. With a wide range of templates, each complete with the company’s logo, users have the ability to customize their shots and easily share to social media and with customers directly.

Mar 26, 2017

Construction Startup Wins $100,000

CompanyCam Wins Summit Pitch Competition

Lincoln, NE: CompanyCam, the complete photo solution for contractors, won the Inside/​Outside Innovation Summit Pitch Competition on June 21, 2017. The competition featured 10 startups from around the United States, each giving a five-minute pitch for a $100,000 investment from Nelnet. 

On Tuesday, June 20 Luke Hansen, CEO of CompanyCam, found out he would be presenting in the IO Summit Pitch Competition — the next day. With less than 24 hours to prepare, Hansen and team worked tirelessly to put together their presentation. Although Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were hectic, Hansen delivered a pitch that cemented CompanyCam as the winner. 

I was proud of what we did,” Hansen said. Regardless of whether we won or not, we put it together well.”

As for what Hansen wants to do with the money, creating more jobs is at the top of his list. 

A company is just people,” said Hansen. You get good people and then you can really do something. I don’t know how to write code, I’m not that good at marketing, I’m crappy at following up with people, but there’s a person on our team that’s better at each of those than I am.”