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$0 / user / mo

*billed annually

Up to 50 Project

  • Real-time photo feed
  • Mentions and comments
  • Document scanner
Never lose another photo
  • Date and location stamps
  • User photo tags
  • Automatic cloud storage
sync across devices
  • iPhone / Android
  • Tablet / Desktop / Web


$16 / user / mo

*billed annually

Everything in Basic plus...


  • To-do lists
  • Sub-contractor collaboration
  • Software integration


  • 2-minute video capture
  • Live timeline link


  • Before & After photos
  • PDF photo reports
  • Customizable photo galleries


$24 / user / mo

*billed annually

Everything in Pro plus...

streamline processes
  • Reporting templates
  • Logo stickers for image protection
maximize communication
  • Ultra-quality photos
  • 4K video
  • 10-minute video capture
  • Video walkthroughs
first class service
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Custom trainings
  • Onboarding sessions

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Voice Notes
Photo Tags
Project Labels
Photo Comments
Scan Documents
Set User Permissions
Invite Guest Users
Upload Photos
Take Videos
Photo Reports
Before & After Cam
Project Collaboration
Photo Galleries
Timeline Galleries
To-Do Lists
Access to Integrations
Report Templates
Video Walkthroughs
Ultra Image Quality
4K Video
Sticker Logos for Image Protection


Priority Support
Dedicated Success Manager
Custom Trainings
Onboarding Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

How long do you keep my photos?

Forever. As long as you’re a CompanyCam customer we will never delete any of your photos. So if you stay with us for 10 years then you’ll have 10 years worth of photos nicely organized so you can find them when you need them. If you ever decide to quit using CompanyCam then you can download your photos before canceling your subscription.

If I dismiss an employee do I lose their photos?

Nope! Every photo that anyone at your company takes using the CompanyCam app is stored in the cloud in your CompanyCam account. If you dismiss an employee then delete them from your CompanyCam account you will still have all of their photos. The dismissed employee will no longer be able to access your CompanyCam account from their phone or computer.

Does CompanyCam use a lot of memory on my phone?

Not at all. CompanyCam saves all of your company’s photos in the cloud so that they don’t take up space on your device.

Are my photos secure?

You bet. We use Amazon’s S3 Cloud to store your photos securely online. We also use SSL encryption to form a secure connection with the server while we’re transferring photos. Bottom line? The only person that has access to your photos is you and your company.

Do I need to enter my credit card info for the free trial?

Of course not! We want you to kick the tires and make sure she’s running like a beaut before we ask you to get out your wallet.

What if I have more than 50 projects at the end of my trial?

If you’re over the project limit when your trial ends, you’ll lose access until you enter your credit card information or contact us to upgrade

What happens to my existing reports, Before and After images, and share links if I stop paying for my plan?

Any reports, Before and After images, and share links you create during your trial will still be available in your account — you just won’t be able to create any new ones.

Can I switch from an annual to monthly subscription?

Yep. At the end of your one-year subscription, you can switch back to monthly before you auto-renew for another year. You can cancel your annual subscription whenever you’d like, but you’ll still have access to your account since you paid for a full year (sorry, no take backs).

Do annual subscriptions auto-renew?

They sure do. You’ll be charged for another year of CompanyCam on the anniversary of when you first subscribed. (We’ll send you a reminder email, but feel free to mark such an auspicious date in your calendar anyway.)

What’s the difference between monthly and annual subscriptions?

Besides the savings you get with an annual plan? All the features are the same as your existing subscription, though adding and removing users works just a liiittle differently. Your initial annual bill is based on the amount of users you have when you start paying. When you add a user, you’ll be charged at a prorated cost starting the day you add them, just like you are on the monthly plan, but the charge will be for the rest of the year. When you deactivate a user, you’ll have an empty seat that you can fill with a new user. If you don’t fill the seat, your bill will update based on your current active numbers when your account renews.

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