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CompanyCam Features

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real-time job site updates

Project Feed

The Project Feed is a real-time photo feed of all the projects across your company. Photos are tagged by date and location, automatically filling into the correct project so you never miss a beat. And don’t worry about losing photos or progress, all your photos are saved and sent to the cloud ensuring you never run out of space or lose important information.


Lauren Carton - American Home Contractors, Inc.

I’m really liking having access to the photos in real time as opposed to my techs uploading into Google Drive.”


Comments and Mentions

In-app commenting and mentioning allow you and your team to communicate directly within the context of the problem. No more messy text or email strings, no more phone tag, and a lot less driving back and forth between jobs.

Dennis Vranich - Western Heating & Air Conditioning

CompanyCam makes it so simple to collaborate.


Draw, Markup, and Tag

Draw on, add shapes, stickers, and tags to photos to add necessary information or instructions directly on photos. Now, your entire team can know exactly what needs to get done at each step of the process without all the hassle.

Testimonial Dusty Rieck headshot

Dusty Rieck - Sandhill Roofing LLC

The ease of use, the instant photo sharing and labeling makes our work a lot easier to communicate with homeowners, property management and crews.”

Draw Markup Edit
don’t lose your work

Search, Filter, and Favorite

You can easily search for tags, users, and projects which allows you to keep track of the most relevant projects and progress to you, without having to pester your employees. You can add tags to photos for easy searching or star projects and groups to keep them at the top of your feed, so you never miss a thing.

Stacy Bull - Pella

Our technicians were sending job site photos to each other’s phones, my phone and various computers. We missed photos, we would lose them, it went to the wrong computer, people were calling and saying I sent it’ and it wasn’t there. It was a mess.”

BUILD AND export photo proof

Photo Reports

Quickly generate photo reports directly within the web app. Forget editing clunky Word documents, simply drop the photos you want to include into our reports generator, add any notes or information, and send the PDF to your insurance adjuster, home owner, or office admin for safe keeping.

photo-of-john-cotten headshot

John Cotten - John Cotten Roofing

I use this for my roofing company and it’s well worth the money! GAME CHANGER!

Share Report

We play well with others.

Our custom integrations help your business get the most out of CompanyCam without disrupting with your existing workflows.

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let customers see your progress

Shareable Project Timelines

Project Timelines give you the ability to keep home owners up to date with progress on their home, without extra phone calls or work on your end. Simply share a link with your customer and they’ll be able to see new photos roll in as soon as they’re added to the project.

photo-of-sean-drake headshot

Sean Drake - Arry's Roofing Services

With CompanyCam, we’re able to bring the customer on top of the roof”. We share a project link with the customer so they can see live updates of our progress and the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything.”


Before/​After Cam

Easily generate flawless before and after photos with the Before and After Camera. Our aligning overlays and selection of layouts make marketing your work easier than ever.

photo-of-john-broce headshot

Jon Broce - Meredith Home Improvements

I literally go home at least an hour earlier than I used to because of CompanyCam and being able to get more done during the day. CompanyCam is so easy, my dad could use it!”


Document Scanning

Instantly generate PDFs for important documents. The CompanyCam document scanner makes it stupid-simple to add all the necessary documents to each project.

Brandt Edwards - Fencing Solutions and Construction

CompanyCam is saving me money in the first two weeks of using it, and I’m saving a ridiculous amount of paper!”


In-App Support Chat

Chat with support directly in the CompanyCam app. Our team is always here to answer any questions.

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