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“CompanyCam brought us into the 21st century.”

How CompanyCam provides checks and balances for property service companies.


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The Problem

An outdated communication and record-keeping system. Gathering marketing materials was also tedious.

Royal Oak Property Services specializes in commercial property maintenance. Brandon Olmos, Marketing Manager, said their projects include graffiti removal, repairs, power-washing, electric work, plumbing, emergency repairs.” It can be a lot to keep up with. With so many moving parts, losing track of documents, photos, and details was easy.

Sasha Siminoo, Director of Business Development, said, a lot of times [our technicians were] just writing things down manually as if it was the 90s.” Sasha also said Royal Oak was using emails, texts, and phone calls to communicate with each other: It got messy.”

Documenting progress and building conditions are very important when it comes to recurring maintenance. But where do you store it? How do you differentiate one building from another? Sasha said they tried Dropbox. But as it so happens… “[CompanyCam] is so much cleaner than Dropbox,” he said.

The Solution

A system that provides checks and balances, unlimited marketing content, and a transparent visual-first communication solution.

Royal Oak Property Services started using CompanyCam back in 2019, and have never looked back. Brandon said, CompanyCam has become integral to understanding how properties are going.” CompanyCam is easy to implement and improves processes within minutes!

With an efficient system in place, Royal Oak Property Services can confidently say they are the eyes and ears on the property. They take pride in it! CompanyCam provides transparency with clients, abundant marketing materials, and accountability.

Brandon shared how CompanyCam is definitely great on the checks and balances side.” Why? Because he can keep track of which employees are working on which project, when, and where. CompanyCam is like micro-journaling on a project,” Brandon said.

The checks and balances also apply to the client! Sasha Siminoo shared a story of a customer who claims Royal Oak was not doing its job. Sasha said, CompanyCam has allowed us to show our clients geographic location and timestamps of when exactly we are doing the job, so we don’t lose the customer!”

Sasha siminoo
“It’s like our regular everyday project management turns into marketing because of CompanyCam.”
Sasha Siminoo  —  Director of Business Development, Royal Oak Property Services

Everyone benefits from CompanyCam.

As explained by Sasha and Brandon, CompanyCam is not just for those out on the property. Admin, marketing managers, business developers, clients — everyone benefits from transparency and trust. In the property management space, there is constant communication. Between technicians, property owners, property managers, renters, tenants, admin, and marketing managers. Communication is essential during every step of every project. It plays a big role in a growing business! 

Don’t you want your communication to be of the highest quality? If leveling up to competitors, improving transparency with clients, and saving time and money sounds appealing, CompanyCam will likely be a perfect fit. It is for many property service companies! Start prioritizing growth and trust with CompanyCam today.

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“It’ll save your clients and yourself a lot of headache and time. In the long run and in the grand scheme of things, it’s become an integral part of our business from marketing to business development… so get it.”
Brandon Olmos  —  Marketing Manager, Royal Oak Property Services

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