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“I have so much more free time to get other things done.”

How CompanyCam streamlined BK Restoration’s processes so there was extra time and energy to grow.







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The Problem

Time is money. Driving from site to site isn’t money well spent.

As a busy fire and water damage restoration company, Jeff Koepke and his team have a lot to keep track of. Multiple job sites, subcontractors galore, and projects at various stages of the insurance adjustment process all demand attention. Communication, coordination and documentation are a few of the keys to success in the restoration industry, and before CompanyCam came into the picture BK Restoration wasn’t maximizing their efficiency in those areas. 

Before CompanyCam, it took extensive time to drive to the job site, to process the information with the staff on site,” said Koepke. If we were to go out and take progress photos I would have to go to the project daily — take the photos, bring them back to the office daily, download them, save them and worry about storage of that data. Time is money. Before CompanyCam we used a lot of time and effort doing that.”

The Solution

Communicate with people instantaneously

Now with CompanyCam it’s so simple, we can communicate with people instantaneously”, said Koepke. The app helps BK Restoration stay in the know on all the projects they’re working on without having to have a project manager present at every site, every day.

In a documentation-heavy industry, having all the progress photos that can be shared with clients and insurance adjustors in seconds can set BK Restoration apart from the competition. CompanyCam allows me to save time and energy, but most of all, errors,” said Koepke. When everyone is looking at the same photo it’s easier to understand what someone is speaking about, what needs to be done and all of those conversations can happen right in the app and be saved on that photo for future reference.” 

Additionally, BK Restoration uses CompanyCam as a record keeping system, since it keeps all of their project photos and documents in separate folders based on GPS location. 

Mark Bartolome
“It frees up our time to have a higher volume of projects.”
Mark Bartolome  —  Restoration Project Manager, BK Restoration

The right tools help achieve goals.

BK Restoration discovered how many problems they could solve using photos instead of site visits to communicate, saving them time and money. With more time to spend growing and more project manager time available from not being on site as much, BK Restoration was able to take on more jobs and grow their business by 10%.


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