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“This is exactly what we need.”

How CompanyCam helped Bishop Clean Care get their photos organized.






20 full-time, 90 part-time

Customer Since


Gross Revenue

$1 - 4 million

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Text Overlay on Photos

The Problem

Lack of accountability taking photos within a messy file-saving structure

Jud Savelle, owner of Bishop Clean Care, is busy. His company has 20 full-time employees and around 90 part-time employees taking care of all aspects of cleaning. From janitorial services in commercial buildings, to duct cleaning, to high end rug cleaning and fire and water damage clean-up.

At any given time there could be photos on each employee’s phone or on the office iPad, and no one knew where the photos of past projects lived until an issue came up with a customer complaint or an insurance adjustment. It was just messy and unreliable,” said Jud. There wasn’t a lot of accountability to even know if pictures were being taken.”

The Solution

Photo documentation to solve disputes

As soon as Jud saw CompanyCam at The Experience Trade Show in Atlanta, he knew it was what he needed. His crew relies heavily on photo documentation, especially for moisture readings on water and fire damage and high end rug cleaning. I saw CompanyCam and was like, wow, this makes sense. This is exactly what we need. One place we can throw all of our pictures that is really, really easy.”

Insurance adjusters and clients can have easy real-time access to the photos they need via a timeline link, and Jud can check-in on projects all around their area without leaving his office.

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“It definitely saves us time because there’s no more chasing down photos.”
Jud Savelle  —  Owner, Bishop Clean Care

The right tools help achieve goals.

By using CompanyCam, Bishop Clean Care is now able to keep all of their project photos stored in one easily searchable place.

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