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“I’m probably saving at least 15, if not 20, hours a week.”

How CompanyCam helps TechZone share projects and save time.





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Favorite Feature

Being able to share the projects

The Problem

Taking, marking, and packaging images & files can be tedious.

Starting in 1999 and then rebranding itself in 2017, TechZone has been through its fair share of transitions. Although business was growing steadily, TechZone needed an effective way to organize their photos. Their current system was just time-consuming.” They would take photos. Snag them. Edit them. Save them as a PDF. Then, send them to their clients. A long and inefficient process, indeed. Bob wasted hours and hours, calling his employees and editing photos and projects.

The Solution

Effectively edit images and share projects confidently to partners.

CompanyCam allows Bob Smith, owner of TechZone, to edit his photos, create projects, and share information and documents confidently to his customers. By using CompanyCam, Bob saves lots of time. Instead of having to go back to the office and get a folder,” Bob is now able to just log in and check something for a customer.” No more wasted time or tedious processes. Bob can focus on the progress of the projects and less about the individual work of his employees — using CompanyCam helps keep everyone accountable.

Being a security technology company, TechZone often checks on completed projects and sites every 6 – 8 months or so. But we can’t remember everything” during those evaluations — so having CompanyCam assist in the documentation and storage of such information, has become vital for TechZone’s success. 

Photo Bob Smith Tech Zone
“I am loving [CompanyCam]! You won’t get it back. You can’t take it away from me!”
Bob Smith  —  Owner, TechZone

Confidence in sharing projects saves time.

By using CompanyCam, Bob is now able to efficiently edit images, all the while preparing project folders he is confident and comfortable sharing with TechZone customers.


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