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As the account owner, you cruise at 30,000 feet above your projects with CompanyCam. You’re able to see everything happening at your company at once—from document and photo uploads to project updates and roadblocks.

By effectively utilizing CompanyCam as your single source of truth and transparency, you’ll scale up your operation, make jobs more efficient, and collect all the right assets to promote your business and cover your butt. Here are some tips to get you started.

A project is the foundation for all the work you and your team do in CompanyCam. It acts as your organized hub for all documentation and communication at a specific job site.

To create a project in the CompanyCam app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Create Project

  2. If you’re on location, click Create and edit/add details to your project

  3. If you’re not at the job site, enter the project address in the bar at the top of the screen

  4. Tap Create

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start taking or uploading photos.

Creating this project gives your crews a better feel for how CompanyCam works for them. Speaking of your team…

We call ourselves the only app every contractor needs. But everyone on your team—from office admin to sales to field personnel—will be able to do their jobs more efficiently with CompanyCam.

Adding your crew is quick and easy: You can invite users in the app (via email or contacts) and on the web (using their name, email, and phone number).

At this point, you’ll be prompted to give them a permission level. Below are the four permissions, along with a suggestion on which roles you should put at which permission (ultimately it’s up to you—you’re the one paying us after all).

A great fit for: president or owner (aka you), controller, office admin

Admins have complete access to do everything within a CoCam account. This includes billing, upgrading, downgrading, and deleting your account. We suggest that you keep only yourself and/or the user who will be communicating with our support and success teams most often.

A great fit for: crew lead, foreman, supervisor, scheduling managers

Managers can access everything within your company's account, except for billing. This permission is what you should give to your, well…managers.

Project and office managers will have the power to create and structure all the essential parts of projects, including inviting team members, adding documentation, creating Checklists, generating reports and templates, and assigning users to projects.

TIP: As you get started with CompanyCam, think about who you’d like to be responsible for creating projects. It’ll most likely be someone at the manager level.

A great fit for: crew members, full-time employees, technicians

Standard permission is what you’ll want to give most of your staff. This permission set is designed for employees in the field who do most of the day-to-day photo capture and project documentation.

Standard users can also add documents to projects, make Checklists, and create reports from the app on job sites.

A great fit for: subcontractors, part-time employees, The Worst Employee on Staff

Restricted access is the fourth and final level of permission. Users with this permission can only view the projects they have been assigned, allowing them to focus on their tasks without you having to worry they’ll be snoopin’ through your other projects.

Once you add your team to CompanyCam, you can sort them into groups. Groups are a great way to organize employees and quickly view what and how often they contribute to projects. It makes it simple to view and filter all the work happening without going into each project.

user guide permissions

If you take on a project where you’re working with someone outside your company, we suggest adding them as a project collaborator. Project collaboration allows you to add them to the project you’re tag-teaming in CompanyCam, without adding them directly to your account.

CompanyCam helps build trust between you and this new partner by acting as the project’s single source of truth. By keeping it all in one place, you’ll avoid the communication breakdown that can come from juggling emails, texts, and phone calls.

Adding collaborators is simple: Open the project you’ll collaborate on. Tap Collaborators. Tap Invite a Company. Set the share settings and tap Share Invite.

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user guide owner connect 3
owners guide - add collaborators

As you can tell, we like collaborating. That’s why we integrate with a ton of popular CRMs and business tools for professional contractors.

Here are a few of the most popular integrations we support:

  • JobNimbus—a simple CRM with detailed reports and employee management

  • Zapier—easy-to-build automation for web apps

  • Housecall Pro—the top-rated Field Service software for HVAC and plumbers

  • Jobber—full-stack CRM for contractors in a range of trades

Ready to start integrating CompanyCam with your other software, click here.

We can’t forget about showcases—a widget that helps you show off your recent jobs on your website.

user guide showcases

A couple of quick showcases tips:

  1. Install it on your home page: This makes your work easy to find, so potential customers will spend more time looking at your work and less time jumping from page to page.

  2. Add in as much detail as possible: The more information you can provide about the project, the more likely the person visiting your site will trust your work and process.

Best of all, you only need to install the code once, and you’re ready to start showing off your quality handiwork.

If you’re comfortable jumping into the code on your website, you can start the setup process now! All you have to do is install a chunk of code onto your site.

If you’d like a little bit of guidance, email and we can help!