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Working with Subcontractors in CompanyCam

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Checklists are now open to your collaborators! Here’s how this new functionality works to make your jobs more efficient and communication more transparent.

Using CompanyCam within your business is a breeze. Everyone, from owners to sales and production, can communicate easily and see what’s happening on each job.

But bigger projects have many moving parts, requiring help from people outside your company.

That’s why we’re constantly adding functionality to our Collaborator workflow and are making it easier than ever to invite and accept collaboration invites, communicate within projects, and get work done more efficiently with our new collaborative checklists.

Collaborating on Checklists with Subs

One of the most requested workflows we’ve gotten from our users has been working on a shared checklist with a collaborator outside their company.

How It Works

Collaborators with Pro and Premium accounts can now view project Checklists and complete tasks. Both the company that owns the project and the Collaborator can:

  • create a checklist in the project

  • interact with each other’s checklist to complete tasks

  • see the user info of who completed the task

And once the project ends, project owners and collaborators will have a copy of the checklist in their accounts.

Different features will be available depending on the pricing plan that project owners and collaborators are subscribed to: 

  1. Project owner + Collaborator both on Pro = project owner and collaborator can create, view, edit, and delete checklists

  2. Project owner + Collaborator both on Premium = full access to checklist features, including templates

  3. Project owner on Premium + Collaborator on Pro = Project owner can use their templates, but not the collaborator

  4. Project owner on Pro + Collaborator on Premium = The collaborating company can use their templates, not the project owner

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Why You’ll Want to Use This

Short answer: To get paid.

Longer, flowery answer: To transparently collaborate with your project partners to ensure work is getting done properly and on time.

When you work with subcontractors (or work as a subcontractor) on a job, you often need to show proof of your work. And there’s no better way to do that than with a checklist. You can document each step you’ve completed with a photo and your name.

Other Features to Make Your Collabs Collab-ier

In addition to checklists, there are a few other key features you both can access in the shared project, including edits and annotations on photos, project conversation, and photo comments.

You can keep all project-related communication between you and your subcontractor centralized on the project so you know what each other is talking about.

Need a clearer photo than the one they took? Comment on a photo they took.

Want to ensure everyone sees an important update? @mention them in the project conversation.

The more features you use during collaboration, the smoother your work will go.

BONUS: Documents + Signatures

You can use our Signatures add-on to have your subs review and sign their work agreements.

Then, if you need to review the fine print of the contract at any point, you’ll have it saved alongside the rest of your project documentation.

Now get out there are start collaborating.

Are you a frequent user of our Collaborator feature? Drop us a line to tell us how your experience has been collaborating on projects.

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