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Quickstart Guide for Onboarding New Hires in CompanyCam

Quickstart guide for onboarding new hires in companycam header

Temps are rising, phones are buzzing, and those new team members you added to your CompanyCam account are ready to get to work.

And while our app is easy to pick up and start using, there are a few things new users can do to get the most out of it from the jump.

Check Phone Permissions

We all have tons of apps pinging notifications on our phones. And when you get a new app it becomes second nature to automatically restrict access to your phone settings. 

However, for CompanyCam to work best, we need to have access to the camera, location services, and cell data.

Our app is available in English and Spanish. To use the app in Spanish, users just need to have their phone language set to Spanish.

Tip: If a user is not receiving notifications for project assignments, tagged conversations, or is unable to add photos from their device, refer back to their phone settings.

Configure Camera Settings

By default, a new app user’s image quality is set to Normal and video quality to HD. If you need higher-resolution media, you’ll want to have them change this.

We offer four different image quality options (Normal, High, Super Fine, and Ultra) and two video quality options (HD and 4K).

[screenshot of camera settings]

Select the options that are most important to your documentation process, but keep in mind that the higher-quality media you capture, the more data it may take to upload.

Under More, you have a half dozen other functionality options, including:

  • Edit Mode. When toggled on, the Edit screen will display after each photo you take (like Snapchat). When off, all the pics you take collect in the tray in the bottom left corner.
  • Open to Camera. When this setting is switched on, your app will open automatically to the Nearby Projects screen instead of the Home screen, saving you a few taps.
  • Stamp date/​coordinates. If you do a lot of work with insurance, ensure your new team members have this turned on so that location, date, and time data are automatically added to photos.

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Create a Project for Training

We recommend creating a Training” project for your new hires so that they can get comfortable with how the app works before they’re out in the field.

If they’re working out in the field:

  • Assign them to the project so that they can see how notifications work
  • Have them capture and tag photos in the project
  • Add them to checklists so they can practice checking off fields
  • Tag them in the project conversation
  • Show them the Documents tab so they know where to find important info you upload from the office

Is your new hire primarily working in the office? Have them get acclimated with:

  • Photo sharing. From timelines and galleries to reports and showcases, there are many different ways to share photos.
  • Showcases. If they’re doing marketing activities, Showcases will be a huge help. Here, they’ll choose project photos and add key details to add to your site’s Showcases widget.
  • Templates (Premium) is where Admins and Managers can create and edit checklists, documents, reports, and project templates they use on each job.

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Register for Classes

If you’re looking for extra educational opportunities, CompanyCam classes are the perfect place to send your new teammates.

Our weekly live classes cover everything from the basics to deeper feature use cases and industry trends. When attendees attend live, they can follow along with our team in their app and ask any questions they have as they arise.

Anyone can view our past classes and how-to videos on demand by visiting our Classes page

Know How to Contact Support

Things will come up as they use the app, so your new teammates need to know where to turn to get quick help with app issues:

  • In the app, they can chat with support by tapping 👤 > ⚙️ > Chat with Support
  • On the desktop, they can click Chat with Support in the bottom left corner of the screen

The CompanyCam support team provides prompt help in English and Spanish, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM CST and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. If you have a question outside those hours, our Help Site is a great resource to have bookmarked.

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