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3 Big Issues Solved with CompanyCam — A Conversation with Elegant Restoration Inc.


Rebecca with Elegant Restoration Inc. says CompanyCam makes taking, uploading, and sending photos/​documents much simpler. Elegant Restoration Inc. now has an efficient documentation process that saves and stores everything securely.

An inefficient, unsecured, time-consuming photo documentation process is the reality of most contractors today. Throughout its history, Elegant Restoration Inc. has faced three interconnected issues: 

  1. requiring field staff to take photos, 
  2. upload them to their CRM/​Google Drive, and 
  3. send emails to clients/​insurance companies/​admins with the right documents attached.

Many steps, all taking up precious time.

Creating PDFs was also a pain. According to Rebecca Winiarski, Elegant Restoration Inc. Office Manager, when insurance companies requested photo PDF reports, it was so difficult and time-consuming.” 

Solution #1: An Efficient Photo Process

Without CompanyCam, contractors tend to have a long, grueling photo documentation process. Photos and folders are consistently unorganized, misplaced, or lost. So what made Elegant Restoration Inc. ultimately decide to try CompanyCam? 

We figured CompanyCam would solve our long process and double-entry issue with photos,” Rebecca said. Good news: CompanyCam DID solve it!

CompanyCam offers a simple solution to a stressful problem. Although getting your crew into a new program sounds intimidating, the onboarding process only takes about 20 minutes. 

The implementation process for CompanyCam was very easy,” said Rebecca. Everyone caught on quickly.”

Rebecca stayed in close contact with her CompanyCam Customer Success Representative during the first couple of months of using the product. Her Customer Success Rep did a training session with Elegant Restoration Inc.’s that included a demo, explaining all the features and answering questions. At CompanyCam, our Customer Success Reps are always there to help out!

Solution #2: Secured, Stored, and Saved

Rebecca and her team at Elegant Restoration Inc. use CompanyCam every day now. They take all their job photos so anyone can reference back to see what stage of the job we are in.” Elegant Restoration Inc. also uses CompanyCam to share photos with our trade contractors and customers.”

Their teams are now able to take photos while on the CompanyCam app. The job site photos automatically upload to the shared CompanyCam projects. This saves time from downloading photos from their personal phones, emailing them to clients and other team members, and organizing them by projects. Talk about efficiency!

CompanyCam’s photo documentation solution has been a game-changer for Rebecca and her team. Storing work photos in one secure spot takes business to a whole new level. Especially while having the ability to send a link to others to view the photos — such as subcontractors, admins, and clients.

CompanyCam’s photos are uploaded and synced to the cloud in real-time. Rebecca can see photos from the office as they are being taken out in the field. Managers are able to answer questions and solve problems right away,” she said, even though the technicians are in the field and they’re in the office!”

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Solution #3: Share Documentation with the Right People Properly

CompanyCam offers a large variety of features, from shared gallery links to Before and After filters, the app has you covered. For Rebecca, as an Office Manager, the CompanyCam shareable timeline links and photo reports have been the most beneficial feature. They have had a State Farm adjuster work with them in the past, and they were impressed with their photo link.

[The adjuster] was able to just drag and drop the photos into their system and upload them all at once, instead of individually,” Rebecca says. Plus she was able to click on the photos and zoom in on them, which is something you cannot do in a PDF.”

Another favorite feature is the ability to add collaborators to projects and files. Rebecca’s team has a subcontractor complete their emergency extractions before crews arrive on site. With CompanyCam, Rebecca can simply text that subcontractor the link and have their crew upload photos straight to the project. 

Because of CompanyCam, Elegant Restoration Inc. has been able to reduce their three to four team process to one step! Their productivity levels are up and processes are revamped. 

Just try it out,” said Rebecca when asked what she’d say to those on the fence about CompanyCam. You’ll be surprised by the features and how easy it is to implement.” 

Our app offers a range of features, including video, Before and After filters, project collaboration, and many more.

Rebecca isn’t the only Office Manager who likes our product. Read about how Jennifer Cole, Office Manager at Cherry Roofing, uses CompanyCam: Office Managers loves CompanyCam!

Frustrated by your complicated, time-consuming photo documentation process? We don't blame you.

CompanyCam is the solution!

Thank you, Rebecca Winiarski, for your insights!

Elegant Restoration Inc. is a water, fire, and storm restoration service company. They also rebuild and remodel. They are located in Forest Hill, Maryland and have been in business for 25 years. Visit their website for more information.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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