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Work with Outside Contractors in CompanyCam


Project collaboration lets you share photos and communicate with contractors from other companies.

You’ve probably heard the age-old you asked, we listened” saying from a company or product before. 

But for real — you asked, we listened. We kept hearing from users that they love CompanyCam, but hate having to revert back to texts and emails when working with subcontractors or outside companies. That any extra time they gained using CoCam with their team was wasted comparing pictures and notes with other companies.

Enter project collaboration. This feature lets you invite contractors from other companies to your projects so everyone can view, add, and share photos all in the app. It’s the key to turning a painful process into smooth sailing.

Everything’s in one place

Job sites can be chaotic. The last thing you need to worry about is who has what photo on which platform. 

With project collaboration, everyone can take their own pictures and upload them to the same place, so there’s a single source of truth. 

No more downloading and re-uploading or haggling subs to send you their documentation. 

No more back and forth

Outside contractors don’t just have the ability to upload photos as project collaborators. If you let them, they can also comment, so every detail is in one place. That means you can say buh-bye” to messy email chains and text threads.

Free for you, and them

You might be wondering,​“How much will this cost me?”

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. 

We’re serious about helping you keep everything in one place. That’s why project collaboration is included in our Pro and Premium subscriptions at no extra cost. 

It costs the other company nothing either — we’ll hook the collaborator up with a free subscription so they can contribute to the project without having to worry about their bottom line.

Full control over permissions

Wondering how much access they get? That’s totally up to you. When you add someone as a collaborator, you decide whether or not they can add, share, and comment on photos before the invite is even sent. Plus, you can end the collaboration at any time. 

And don’t worry — they’ll only have access to the project you added them to. All the other content on your company’s account is private. 

So ditch the hassle and confusion and get the whole operation on CompanyCam — whether every contractor is part of your company or not. 

Pro and Premium users already have this feature in their accounts. Just head to the project you’re tag-teaming and tap Collaborators” to get started.

Want to give project collaboration a spin? Take it and all of our features for a test ride with a free trial.

CompanyCam offers many more classes to help with learning all the tricks. Check out this one about Showcases Best Practices!

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