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Keep Customers Informed with Project Sharing!

Timelines & Galleries

Share projects from start to finish in an instant.

Maintaining clear communication, setting expectations, and getting as much information shared as possible can be a full-time job. CompanyCam timelines and galleries make it simple to keep stakeholders up to date on progress and what needs attention.


Keep clients happy, without the headache.

When working for people it’s reasonable to expect that they’ll want to know what is going on. Timelines make it easy to share a single link and keep them in the loop from beginning to end.


Automatically updated project feed.

Just like the internal project feed in CompanyCam, timelines that you share are automatically updated with new photos throughout the day. Now, clients and subcontractors can see exactly what’s happening without interrupting you or your crew.


Don’t want to share everything? We thought of that, too.

Want to send a comprehensive beginning to end recap of the work you did to a client? Or maybe you want to share a completed project on social media? With the gallery tool in CompanyCam, you can select specific photos across the span of a project and generate a shareable project gallery.

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