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Winning with CompanyCam

Winning with cocam

If you’re ready to maximize your sales, production, marketing, and documentation efforts: CompanyCam is FOR YOU! CompanyCam standardizes your processes, while helping you gather fantastic marketing materials. And it steers you clear from any false claims that could land you in court.

One of our business development reps, NickyB — infamous for his One Chip Challenge reaction — met with Harness and Heels and Undersun Roofing to talk business. They covered some big questions:

What is CompanyCam? Isn’t it like any other junky photo app? Why should roofers care about it?

For starters, yes, roofers should care because, no! CompanyCam is not like all the other photo apps. CompanyCam is a cool app.

CompanyCam will make your business WIN, and this is for four simple reasons:

  1. It helps with selling

  2. It helps with production

  3. It helps with marketing, and

  4. It helps cover your a$$

Read below for all the details.

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The first guarantee is CompanyCam will help you SELL.

Having thorough documentation, organization, and a solidified process takes sales to the next level. And, after all, where would your business be without sales?!

The CompanyCam sales benefits are maximized when your business has a standardized process: who creates the projects, how are they named, and what is templated? The answers to these questions will make it easy for people to hop on!

With CompanyCam keeping all projects and job sites documented, clear communication is more achievable. Photos taken in CompanyCam are geotagged and time-stamped — no more uploading” issues or lost information. 

Key selling features:

  1. CompanyCam offers an “@ mention” feature. This allows crew members, admin, salespeople, property managers, etc., to communicate within the app together!

  2. Comments and annotations improve internal communication immensely.

  3. To-do lists keep sales reps and crews on track for quicker, better sales.

  4. Gallery links improve communication between businesses and clients.

Clear communication goes beyond your internal team. External parties are positively impacted too! When you can show a photo of a client’s roof, it improves the transparency between the business and client. They will understand and better visualize what is going on in their house.

CompanyCam will save you a buttload of time… which will make you the big bucks.


Real-time communication is the name of the game in roofing. Being able to see the project progress in real-time improves the production process for roofers. Even if you, as an owner, manager, or admin, are not on the job site, you’ll still be able to stay in touch with crew members. Pictures will flood the project feed, and you’ll be up to date on the job progress in real time.

We talk a lot about being honest and transparent [at Undersun Roofing]. You can’t be more transparent than a live link to your roof being done! We love [CompanyCam]! - Undersun Roofing

Miscommunication is costly and often damages established trust. Seeing what your crew members are up to improves business transparency. Everyone is on the same page, always. CompanyCam provides that sense of ease.

CompanyCam assists with accurate billing. This is especially the case when there’s a change of order or a crew runs out of supplies. Everything is documented — nothing is lost in translation or missing!

Integrations play another essential role in improving your crew’s productivity, too. CompanyCam integrates with JobNimbus, Housecall Pro, Jobber, Roofr, Zapier, and many more.

Because miscommunication is eliminated through thorough documentation during production, time is saved—and money is made!


Once the project is wrapping up and all photos and videos are safely stored within a CompanyCam project, it’s time to focus on marketing.


When homeowners are looking for expert roofers to work on their homes, where do they typically go first? The internet.

And what will they find on the internet? Your website! Making sure your site is updated, organized, and reflects your company values will go a long way in getting them to do business with you. 

Showcases are one of CompanyCam’s newer features, and our users LOVE IT. Potential customers enjoy seeing photos of your past jobs — this allows them to understand what the products and timeline look like. The CompanyCam widget is set up on your existing website, so there is no need to switch up anything you use.

I love the showcase feature. People can just scroll through and see what you’re [business] is doing. - Harness and Heels

By categorizing and tagging projects, customers will be able to filter through them and find a past project that’d be similar to their home. Give your clients a peek into their future!

Once the showcase feature is published, it will update automatically — so don’t stress about adding more stuff to your plate. 

Overall, showcases give your potential clients a full picture of the high-quality work your business is capable of. It will attract clients looking for hard workers who are honest and transparent about their work.

Before & Afters

Let’s get some fancy Before & Afters put together! B/A visually shows the hard work and progress your business has and can make on a roof!

There are four easy steps to building a B/A.

  1. Choose the before photo.

  2. Snap the after photo.

  3. Choose a layout.

  4. Share your work with the world

There are plenty of CoCam Before & After layouts to pick from (and we’re always coming out with more). You simply can’t go wrong! And as we like to say, what’s a beautiful transformation if no one sees it?

This is where social media comes in. Before we get to that, check out some of these awesome B/​As below.

Social Media

Social media is the wave of the future — who knew? The New York Times said social media allows you to do four very important things:

  1. Discover new trends and ideas.

  2. Connect with new and existing audiences in deeper ways.

  3. Bring attention and traffic to your work.

  4. Build and enhance your brand.

Social media can make or break your business. Posting Before & Afters on social media, maintaining a steady (and positive) flow of reviews, and actively adding to your showcases list will go a long way. Your organic online presence can make a huge difference in whether or not potential clients can even find you online.

Cover Your A$$!

At this point, you’ve sold the job, completed the project, and mastered the marketing. What could go wrong?

Well. Down the road, if a false claim pops up, you’ll be covered with CompanyCam. No more he said, she said.’ CompanyCam stores all the documentation you’ll need to work through the claim. And, lucky for you, if the claim really is BS, you’ll have all the evidence you need to say, OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! That dreaded cracked driveway was in fact already cracked.”

Winning with cocam

^if Judge Judy saw your CompanyCam proof 😤

When customers (or sometimes employees) complain or stir up conflict, documentation brings clarity to the disputes. Jeremy with Dreamworks Restoration Contractors dodged a $50,000 lawsuit because of one picture in CompanyCam. One of his employees was not following the safety procedures, and, to Jeremy’s relief, it had been documented on CompanyCam. Read here for all the juicy story: Save $50,000 with CompanyCam.

The price is at a great price point. I wouldn’t worry that you’re not going to get your money’s worth, because we do for sure. - Undersun Roofing

But it doesn’t stop there. CompanyCam saves Reliant Roofing $50,000 A YEAR! CompanyCam improves business-client communication, your marketing strategy, internal communication, and project timelines. And it makes you money by saving it and bringing in fresh leads.

OKAY! Let’s wrap this up…

If you’ve made it this far in the blog, I hope we have you convinced. Winning with CompanyCam is a no-brainer.

CompanyCam improves communication — internally and externally. It also helps you sell. And complete projects quicker, with enhanced efficiency.

With CompanyCam’s before and after features, along with showcases, marketing your business has never been easier! 

We love CompanyCam. You will too. - Harness and Heels

CompanyCam helps with liability. Don’t get in trouble or pay for something your crew did not do! On the other hand, you’ll get credit for the work you DID do through those marketing promotions and documentation.

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As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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