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Now our Smart Photos and JobProgress’s workflow manager work hand-in-hand to help your business run smoothly and communicate efficiently. Your photos from CompanyCam are now instantly available in your JobProgress account.

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This integration allows CompanyCam and JobNimbus to communicate instantaneously. All photos you take in CompanyCam will sync to JobNimbus automatically, and all jobs created in JobNimbus will sync to CompanyCam every 15 minutes.

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Your TeamUp calendar and CompanyCam will now sync automatically, allowing you to create projects for the events in your calendar. Your team can now see all your Teamup events for the day within CompanyCam.

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Our integration with Contractor’s Cloud makes connecting your leads and projects completely seamless. As soon as you enter a client’s information into Contractor’s Cloud, a corresponding project is created in CompanyCam.

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CompanyCam now integrates with the all-in-one project management software for solar contractors. Ryion now automatically populates photos taken in CompanyCam into your existing projects in Ryion.

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We also integrate with 1000’s more with Zapier

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