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Let your electrical work speak for itself

Show your customers real-time progress and communicate with your crew— all in one easy to-use app


Stop hunting for photos…

If you’re gathering project photos from emails, text threads, or Google Drive, you’re wasting your time.

Use CompanyCam to take, upload, AND mark up job site photos in real time. You can add comments, circle problem areas, and communicate with your crew and customers directly on each photo.

… and never say​“Wait, where’s that?” again.

Naturally, our automatic organization makes it easy for you to find and comment on any photo at any time. Just search by location, project name, tags, or labels.

When you’re managing multiple big projects at a time, having a conversation on a specific photo takes away the guesswork.

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Spend less time figuring out what needs to be done.

See completed tasks without ever having to walk on property.

Help your techs become more efficient by creating checklists for the tasks that need completed on maintenance, repair or installs.

On-the-job training is simple when you can trust that even the newest employees can see each task that needs to be completed the moment they arrive on site.

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Look fancy without trying

Now it’s easier than ever to create quick, professional photo reports for your clients or office staff.

Just select which project and photos you want to use, and click​“Create Report”. Seconds later, you’ll have a shareable PDF and URL.


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