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Some pretty awesome people work here.

Photo of Luke Hansen

Luke Hansen

CEO / Founder

Luke spends his days offering loud opinions and overseeing all departments. He gives light directions and then steps aside and lets us do what we want. When Luke isn’t speaking at high volume on the phone, he’s golfing, spending time with his kids, and offering unsolicited political opinions.

Photo of Chad Wilken

Chad Wilken

Chief Technology Officer

Chad explained what he does, and it’s still confusing. Mostly, he’s in charge of all areas of development and manages the servers and the database. When sh*t hits the fan, Chad is our fixer. When he isn’t fixing all of our problems, Chad enjoys woodworking, skateboarding, and falling asleep outside.

Photo of Jared Goertzen

Jared Goertzen

Lead Product Designer

Jared’s days at CompanyCam are filled with making our app look nice, pretty, and super easy to use. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. When he’s out of the office Jared likes to play soccer, watch soccer (go USA!), and teach his kids about soccer. He also enjoys working on house projects and soccer…did we mention soccer?

Photo of Cole Voss

Cole Voss

Lead Front End Developer

Cole leads the charge for all things web development, including building features on the CompanyCam web app, and ensuring quality in everything we build among other things. Cole spends his free time developing some more for freelance work and side projects outside of the office. Other than that, he rides his motorcycle (cool guy alert), hangs out with friends, and plays pool poorly.

Photo of Tifany Albrecht

Tifany Albrecht

Project Manager

Tifany works diligently to keep all the rowdy developers on track, keep projects moving forward, and make sure everyone has what they need. She’s also *probably* the person you’re chatting with when you have support questions, as she is our resident Support Czar. Tifany can be found buying mason jars in bulk, crafting, scrapbooking, and making some mean iced coffee.

Photo of Danny Maienschein

Danny Maienschein


Dr. Dan maintains the Android app, but also spends time doing some fancy features like computer vision and augmented reality. And yes, he is a real doctor. When the Midwest cooperates, Dr. Dan likes to go for bike rides. When it doesn’t, he likes reading and learning new things.

Photo of Kevin Scully

Kevin Scully

Mobile Developer

Kevin’s job is pretty self explanatory–he works on the mobile app. He makes sure that everything looks nice, runs smoothly, and all bugs are squashed in a timely manner. When he’s not in the dev office, Kevin likes to read, hang out with his family, beat people up using his Muay Thai skills, and work on his vague and elusive “side hustle.”

Photo of Tyler DeBoer

Tyler DeBoer

Web Developer

Tyler’s responsibilities at CompanyCam all revolve around our website. He works to make sure that is running smoothly, looking sharp, and loading as fast as lightning. He also complains about the temperature and spends too much time putting. When he’s not furiously writing code in his corner Tyler likes to be active, but in a much more real sense, he likes to sit still. He enjoys reading, watching TV, tickling the ivories, and napping.

Photo of Jeremy Bartels

Jeremy Bartels

UI/UX Designer

Jeremy and Jared work closely together, making sure the mobile app functions properly and looks pretty. Jeremy’s personal mission is to keep the app as easy to use as possible, while still lookin’ good. When he’s not polishing the app, Jeremy loves the movies, cooking, cleaning and organizing (weird) as well as avoiding all contact with the outdoors.

Photo of Jason McKelvey

Jason McKelvey


Jason spends his time at CompanyCam HQ adding nifty graphics and typography to various elements of marketing campaigns. He’s well-versed in illustration, layout, web design and dabbles in some copywriting. Outside of work Jason is a big-time movie buff, draws comic characters, and hangs out with his lovely wife, Nicole, 2-year old daughter, Harper, and new baby boy, Daniel.

Photo of Kyle King

Kyle King

Marketing Director

When Kyle explained what he does he gave a dumb answer. Kyle keeps the marketing team in check and provides the vision and creative direction behind our website, advertisements, and online presence. In Kyle's free time, he can be found losing basketball games, forcing people to make coffee for him, building sh*t, and hanging with his family.

Photo of Stephanie Brummond

Stephanie Brummond

Marketing Project Manager

Stephanie works tirelessly keeping (or attempting to keep) the marketing team on track. She’s a busy bee, scheduling meetings, communicating with our partners, organizing events, and asking people intensely personal questions. Outside of the office Stephanie loves to run, rock climb, or just hang out in the great outdoors. When she’s not outside, she can be found planning weddings and baking ornately decorated cakes topped with Drake lyrics.

Photo of Caleb Moore

Caleb Moore

Design/Creative Team Lead

Caleb’s primary responsibility is dealing with Kyle. He also does most of the heavy lifting in design, making things look pretty and communicating our messages clearly. He also drinks all the coffee and never has a USBC adapter with him. Outside of work, Caleb plays in a few bands, does intense meal prep with his wife, and hangs out with his family. He is a model citizen.

Photo of Jennifer Woockman

Jennifer Woockman


Here at CompanyCam Jennifer spends her days creating graphics for web, print, social, you name it. Basically, she uses her creative genius to make things look cool and tell a story. Jennifer’s free time is limited, as she has three tiny humans to take care of, but when she finds herself with a spare moment she enjoys photography, sketching, Lego-ing, and drinking coffee--which we all wholeheartedly agree is definitely a hobby.

Photo of Nick Small

Nick Small

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Nick’s job is to manage all of CompanyCam’s digital advertising as well as to create and implement marketing strategies. Nick loves to loudly complain about how hot it is and wants everyone to know he loves beer. He’s a busy guy outside of work, spending his days golfing, snowboarding, attending ~lit~ concerts, and traveling.

Photo of Jordan Roark

Jordan Roark

Digital Marketing, Copywriting

Jordan Roark, AKA the “Voice of CompanyCam,” is in charge of torching trolls on CompanyCam’s social media, tackling any copywriting projects she can get her clumsy paws on, and helping to optimize CompanyCam’s digital marketing strategy and execution. When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid.

Photo of Nick Wilkinson

Nick Wilkinson

Digital Marketing

Kick’s skill set is heavy in strategy. He’s usually brainstorming our next blog, analyzing the analytics, and furiously taking notes on every legal pad and sticky note in sight. Kick loves breakfast, which explains why he’s usually late to work. Aside from breakfast, Nick also enjoys Christmas, finding a black squirrel in the wild, and asking everyone what that meeting he missed was about.

Photo of Ben Frerichs

Ben Frerichs

Video Marketing Team Lead

Ben’s job at CompanyCam is to collect, curate, and create digital media for our marketing team, specifically for all our social media. Big words, fancy title. Ben also provides us with bad jokes and unwavering opinions on insignificant matters. When he’s not making sweet content for us he can be found slapping the bass, studying history, doing puzzles, and discovering forgotten oldies. All at the same time.

Photo of Jared Mikuls

Jared Mikuls

Video Marketing

On a typical day at CompanyCam you can find Jared huddled in the video room editing his life away. When he needs some human contact, Jared creates some graphics for ads and social media and breaks the office putting record. Outside of CompanyCam, Jared plays basketball, goes to Yeezy concerts, and is attempting to teach himself code. Good luck.

Photo of Jeff Valder

Jeff Valder

Business Development

Jeff works tirelessly to spread the good news about CompanyCam, how friggin sweet it is, and how it can make contractors’ jobs easier. He is our resident fist-bumper, barbeque chef, and bald guy. When he’s not evangelizing in the name of CompanyCam, Jeff loves being outside doing all of the things (biking, hiking, backpacking, camping). He also loves food, beer, his wife, and The Office–not necessarily in that order.

Photo of Courtney Ruud

Courtney Ruud


Courtney works diligently developing partnerships, cultivating relationships, and educating trade show attendees and strangers on the street about CompanyCam. Away from the office Courtney enjoys traveling, cooking, hanging outside, and watching Parks and Rec. Rest in peace, Lil Sebastian.

Photo of Michael Gogan

Michael Gogan

Account Specialist

Michael is another member of our Sales team and his primary responsibilities include working with new clients through the onboarding process and assisting with account set up. Outside of the office, Michael spends time with his kids and wife, plays golf, and drinks copious amounts of soda.

Photo of Kelly Danahy

Kelly Danahy

Head of Sales Operations

During the week when Kelly is locked in the Sales Dungeon, he can be found doing sales, analytics—and when we let him—helping with strategy and offering some insights on our customers. When he isn’t terrifying children and parents with his mustache, Kelly enjoys biking, golfing, playing frisbee with his dog Smokey, and listening to 2 Chainz…ya know, to relax.

Photo of Wesley Bosco

Wesley Bosco

Customer Success

Wesley’s job is to follow up with leads and get people amped about attending a demo. He works alongside our entire sales team, who routinely crush it. When Wesley isn’t raking in the cash, he can most likely be found somewhere outside doing all of the things--fishing, swimming, fishing, and fishing. Did we mention he loves to fish?

Photo of Brian Deighton

Brian Deighton

Customer Success

Brian works diligently alongside the rockstar sales team to turn those leads into demos and those demos into cash money. When he’s not nurturing leads, Brian’s busy being a dad and doing dad things like yard games, barbecuing, and the occasional freestyle rap.

Photo of Shane Penner

Shane Penner

Customer Success

Shane’s job here at CompanyCam is to follow up with all our potential customers, set up demos, answer questions, and make sure everyone understands what we do. When he’s not chatting with potential CompanyCampers, Shane likes to spend time in the great outdoors, hiking, hunting, or golfing and doesn’t mind the occasional road trip.

Photo of Dawnta Morrison

Dawnta Morrison

Customer Success

When Dawnta (pronounced Dawntaayyyy) is in the office, she’s busy working with potential clients showing them the ropes of CompanyCam, talking up all our awesome features, and answering any and all questions that may come up. Outside of the office, Dawnta can be found bingeing reality TV with her husband, eating all the ice cream, cheering on the ‘skers, and keeping her daughter alive and away from dog food.

Photo of Kyle Bruna

Kyle Bruna


Kyle #2  spends his days at CompanyCam crunching the numbers and attempting to justify the amount of money we spend on coffee creamer and tshirts. He works on accounting and billing and all things no one else wants to do. When he isn’t furiously punching numbers into his abacus, Kyle enjoys traveling, playing cards, running, and gorging himself on cookie dough...ya know, because balance.

Photo of Jodi Young

Jodi Young

Office Manager

Jodi probably has the toughest job in the office, as coraling Luke is one of her many duties. Here at CompanyCam, Jodi can be found setting meetings, managing travel schedules, keeping the office running, and making sh*t happen. She’s a boss. When she isn’t taking care of all of us, Jodi is taking care of her four actual children, going camping, traveling, and getting out and about with her husband.

Photo of Zoe Norris

Zoe Norris

Marketing/Creative Intern

Zoe spends her days at CompanyCam floating between social, video, and shirt folding tasks. She’ll jump in wherever we need her and makes a mean spreadsheet. When she’s not taking care of her desk plant, Zoe can be found boating, drinking, hanging out with Frankenstein, her female cat, and probably wishing she didn’t work with this group of insane people.

Photo of You

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