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The Perks

🏥 Health & Wellness

Health care is not one-size-fits-all. Because of this, we offer two health insurance options to support the mental and physical well-being of our employees. CompanyCam covers 100% of health insurance premiums for full-time employees and 33% of dependent premiums. Our package also includes voluntary dental, vision, life insurance, accident, and critical illness coverage plans. We also offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) with a company contribution, in addition to three types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Bonus: We reimburse up to $25/​month for wellness memberships — get healthy, stay healthy!

👊 Support for the Whole Fam

Parental Leave
Those first months with a new child are precious, so we offer up to 12 weeks paid leave for primary caregivers and 6 weeks for secondary caregivers.

Sick / Bereavement Leave
We understand the unplanned nature of life as humans. If you’re sick, need to care for a sick family member, or have lost someone, we offer up to 4 weeks paid leave.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Daycare is expensive! Having a Dependent Care FSA allows you to contribute money tax-free to help pay for the cost of child and elder care.

Pet Insurance
At CompanyCam, pets are just as important as people. We’ve got coverage for your fur babies to make sure they get the care they need.

Mental Health
Let’s talk about it! From stress to legal issues to anything in between, our free employee assistance program is there for you 24÷7÷365. Our health plans include mental health coverage too.

🏢 Company Stock

We work to ensure that our employees’ salaries are nationally competitive — but we know compensation is more than just salary. We’re growing fast and have big plans for the future. We want all employees to have a vested interest in seeing CompanyCam succeed, so that means we’ll give you CoCam stock options.

📈 401(k) Match Made in Heaven

Someday you’ll retire from CompanyCam to have more time for bird watching, or whatever retired people do. To get you to retirement, we offer a great 401(k) with a 4% employer match on a 5% employee contribution that begins on your first pay day.

📅 Minimum Time Off

Anyone can offer​“unlimited time off” — the important part is having a culture that supports it. We encourage taking a minimum of three weeks off every year for a healthy work-life balance, including our 12 paid holidays. We also want to support what’s important to you, so if giving back to your community is your jam, paid time off is also available for volunteering!

🏠 Working Remote? We Got You

We have employees working all over the US — yes, even Hawaii! We’re seasoned pros when it comes to working with employees across multiple time zones, and we offer flexible working hours so that you aren’t waking up at 4 a.m. for a meeting. Remote employees receive up to $700 for home office setup expenses within the first year of being hired so you can live your best work from home life without spending your own money on a desk chair. If you decide you would like to leave your cozy home to hang out at headquarters, you can join us for up to 10 days per calendar year — on CompanyCam’s dime.

🌎 Get Away From it All

We focus on creating a work environment that employees love — but life isn’t all about work. CompanyCam believes in sabbaticals — on your third anniversary you’ll get one week off and up to $1,500 in travel expenses. On your fifth anniversary, we’ll bump it up to three weeks and $3,500.

🙌 Let’s Hang

Our favorite week of the year is CamJam, where all of our employees (remote and local) come together to celebrate the year’s accomplishments at our headquarters. On any given day the rest of the year, you’ll find a group of us out at a local restaurant grabbing lunch, attending one of our many Husker tailgates (families welcome), or playing sand volleyball and softball tournaments — and we have the trophies to prove it!

💻 The Tech Company” Requirements

There are benefits that just come with being an employee at a tech company. Full-time employees get a shiny new MacBook, plus $200 extra to cover a mouse, keyboard, etc. Even your wardrobe will love working here, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll run into at least a couple folks in their CoCam tees or hats. We’ve got lots of colors and they’re all super soft.

🧠 Growth Mindset + Try Anything Mentality

We’re a startup, so we’re not afraid to stick our neck out there and test something new. If it doesn’t work, we’ve learned something. If it does work, we’ve done something awesome. To prove our growth mindset, we provide you with a yearly allowance to go toward professional development classes or materials. If there’s a class, book, or conference that will make you a well-rounded employee, we want to invest in you.

☕️ Location, Location, Location (If You’re in Lincoln)

We’re located right in the heart of the Haymarket District in Lincoln, Nebraska. We cover the cost of downtown parking, and we’re within walking distance to happy hour spots and coffee shops. CompanyCam employees even get a discount at some of our favorite local restaurants — what more could you ask for?

Show Up

Grow Up

Do Good

Core Values

Core Values

Show Up

We don't bury our issues—we bring them to the forefront so they can be solved. We can't solve issues and move forward together if we don't know there is an issue.

Core Values

Grow Up

We handle conflict like adults. There is an undertone of mutual respect for each other in everything we do.

Core Values

Do Good

We assume the best about each other, and we extend grace for each other as we learn and grow.

Graphic image showing the text "Show Up"

We don't bury our issues—we bring them to the forefront so they can be solved. We can't solve issues and move forward together if we don't know there is an issue.

Grow up

We handle conflict like adults. There is an undertone of mutual respect for each other in everything we do.

Do good

We assume the best about each other, and we extend grace for each other as we learn and grow.

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Employee Spotlight

Learn more about our employees

This week's #CompanyCamper Spotlight is Sammy! 💁🏼‍♀️ As a Senior Support Specialist, she "supports the peeps", aka CoCam users, through live chat and email to offer solutions and workarounds for their questions. Sammy can be found at nearly every CoCam social event and is often time confused with her work bestie—Stephanie. Sammy was in the military for 7 years and this is her first civilian role. Her favorite thing about CoCam is "the people, our culture, our benefits, our office, there is just about everything to love about CoCam. Also to know I don't just have 'work friends' I have friends." ❤️ We asked one of her work besties to tell us what it's like to work with Sammy and here's what they said: "Sammy is a rockstar human being and my twin flame quite literally! Her kind heart shines through as she owns her role as a senior support rep and is one of the best coworkers to everyone at CompanyCam. She picked up and moved from MN bringing her bright smile, kick a$$ work ethic, and exuberant personality to our team. Thank you for always being inclusive, upbeat, and a go-getter. CompanyCam is a better place with you in it!" #CoCamFam #gococam #companycamper

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This week's CompanyCamper Spotlight is Karley, aka Chief Spooky Gal! 👻 Karley is a kick*ss Creative Director that makes sure "sh*t gets done and that it's all creative AF." Well said. 😏 Karley has an affinity for the paranormal (see spooky pics for proof) and has attended 500+ concerts! Her favorite thing about her team is that they are a hyper collaborative group of humans that always wants to help each other make the best creative deliverables. When asked about what it's like working with Karley, here's what a coworker had to say: "Karley is the absolute bee's knees to work with. Don't let her goth queen vibes fool you, she is one of the kindest, brightest people at CompanyCam! Karley is detail-oriented, thoughtful, and thorough and always brings her best." #cocamfam #gococam #companycamper

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This week's CompanyCamper is Bri! ✨ Bri is coming up on her one-year CoCamiversary and is a Customer Success Queen! 👑 When she's not helping new and current users get the most out of CompanyCam, she fills her time with virtual dance classes 💃 and is a broadway musical aficionado. "Bri, you probably shouldn't brag, but dang, you amaze and astonish." -Alexander Hamilton (probably) 😉 When ask about what it's like working with Bri, here's what one coworker had to say: "Bri is the definition of sunshine and it is an absolute privilege to get to work with her. You may recognize her beautiful voice from all her popular CoCam YT demo videos (@bri you've missed your calling as a YouTuber). She crushes it on our Customer Success Team by advocating for our customer's needs and providing valuable insight. She is incredibly positive, kind, and embodies our “Do Good” value like no other. Thanks for keeping the spirits high and giggle flowing on the CS team!" #gococam #cocamfam #companycamper

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About Us

Contractors are everywhere. They build our homes, they literally put roofs over our heads, they wire up our electricity, give us access to the internet, fix our plumbing and AC, paint our homes, the list goes on.

At CompanyCam, you’ll work with intelligent, kind people to make contractors’ work easier and create time for them, so they can get shit done and spend more time with their families or on other things they care about. Sound corny? You’ll find that mid-westerner ethos permeate our culture (we’re based in Lincoln, NE), so if you can’t hang with that, no hard feelings, but this probably isn’t the best place for you.

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