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Some pretty awesome people work here.

Photo of Tifany Albrecht

Tifany Albrecht

Product Manager


Tifany works diligently to keep all the rowdy developers on track, keep projects moving forward, and make sure everyone has what they need. She pushes the product team toward their goals and works to ensure that customers are connecting with the product. 

Tifany can be found buying mason jars in bulk, crafting, hanging out with her kiddos, and making some mean iced coffee.

Photo of Andy Albrecht

Andy Albrecht

Quality Analyst


Andy’s job is to poke holes. As our QA, he spends his days running endless tests to make sure everything we push out into the app-universe is operating properly and our users can trust the app completely. 

Out of the office, Andy loves photography, hanging out with his family, and acquiring as many free t‑shirts as he can get his hands on.

Photo of Hannah Bauer

Hannah Bauer

Acquisition Campaign Manager


Hannah works on our Customer Acquisition team as a Campaign Manager to, simply put, help people discover our kick *ss app! She brainstorms and executes the clever campaigns that catch new users’ attention.

When Hannah gets home from work, she quickly presumes her role as a cat mom, memoir reader, and her husband’s most candid food critic.

Photo of Kait Beaudette

Kait Beaudette

Software Engineer


Kait is great! She’s a client engineer at CompanyCam, which means she’s super smart and makes our app really cool by building and iterating on features in the code. 

Outside of work, Kait is busy spending time with her husband and kids. She can often be found mending footie pajamas and making stickers. 

Photo of Eric Brouillette

Eric Brouillette

Product Designer


Being one of the product designers for CompanyCam, he does a lot more than just watch Luke break things.” Eric, AKA Brew, is the master behind making the app easy and addicting to use.

After work, Brew can be found chasing his 18-month-old child, doing house projects, playing video games… honestly anything but actual work.

Photo of Kyle Bruna

Kyle Bruna

Finance Controller


Kyle spends his days at CompanyCam crunching the numbers and attempting to justify the amount of money we spend on pizza and t‑shirts. He makes sure we pay the bills on time and keep the lights on, tells the leadership team how we’re looking, and keeps everything running smoothly. 

When he isn’t furiously punching numbers into his abacus, Kyle enjoys traveling, playing cards, running, and gorging himself on cookie dough…ya know, because balance. 

Photo of Alison Chan

Alison Chan

Software Engineer


When Alison clocks in, she’s hard at work alongside the Engineering team on our web and mobile apps. She works with stuff like React Native, GraphQL, and a bunch of other stuff we don’t understand. 

When she logs off for the day, you can find her reading scifi, gaming, riding her bike, and attempting to become a real adult — aka master cooking. 

Photo of Lauren Conger

Lauren Conger

Head of People


LC lives and breathes CoCam culture. She works with new hires, managers, and everyone in between to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they need from CompanyCam to succeed and make CompanyCam the best damn place to work (and it is). 

When she leaves for the day, LC can be found tending to her house plants, taking care of Freya the Model Dog, traveling, and being basic in Target. 

Photo of Kim Crowder

Kim Crowder

Software Engineer


Kim logs in each day and joins our backend engineering team. It’s her job to build and maintain features, squash bugs and make our app amazing! 

If she manages to get away from the computer, you’ll find making a fool of herself to get her baby boy to laugh, binging trashy reality TV with her husband and dreaming about being in Hawaii. 

Photo of Kelly Danahy

Kelly Danahy

Head of Sales


Kelly oversees all customer interaction. From sales and support to ongoing customer success and business development, Kelly manages it all. He works closely with Marketing and Product to make sure all the moving parts are working together for the benefit of the customer.

When the day is done, Kelly enjoys biking, golfing, playing frisbee with his dogs, and hanging out with his wife and baby boy. 

Photo of James Davis

James Davis

Inside Sales Rep


James focuses his time in the office on making sure customers and potential customers know how using CompanyCam can help make them exponentially more successful. You’ll find him on the phone, doing demos and answering questions all day, every day. 

Outside these walls, James spends time with his dog, friends, and wife (hopefully not in that order), plays video games, and sorta-kinda prepares to become a father. 

Photo of Tyler DeBoer

Tyler DeBoer

Product Designer


Tyler’s responsibilities at CompanyCam all revolve around our product. He builds, maintains, and designs product features and works side-by-side with our engineers to fix any issues we run into. He also complains about the temperature and has managed to secure a handicapped parking space even though he seems fine. 

When he’s not furiously writing code in his corner Tyler likes to be active, but in a much more real sense, he likes to sit still. He enjoys reading, watching TV, tickling the ivories, and napping.

Photo of Scott DeBoer

Scott DeBoer

Digital Marketing Specialist


Scott creates, deploys, and optimizes digital ads for CompanyCam, which ultimately generates leads for our sales department. We’d say he does more than his younger brother, Tyler, but we like to keep it civil here at CoCam.

After work, Scott stays busy golfing, biking, hiking, and trying to keep track of his three boys.

Photo of Brian Deighton

Brian Deighton

Inside Sales Rep


Brian busts his butt, calling as many potential customers as humanly possible to spread the good news of CompanyCam. He walks prospective users through the app, shows them how to use all of our fancy features, and answers any questions they may have. 

When he’s not nurturing leads, Brian’s busy being a dad and doing dad things like yard games, barbecuing, and the occasional freestyle rap. 

Photo of Ben Frerichs

Ben Frerichs

Head of Video


Ben’s job at CompanyCam is to collect, curate, and create digital media for our marketing team, specifically for digital advertising. Big words, fancy title. Ben also provides us with bad jokes and unwavering opinions on insignificant matters. 

When he’s not making sweet, sweet content for us he can be found checking out and/​or performing live music, hosting a radio show, studying history, learning stuff about tech, and listening to audiobooks.

Photo of Jason Gaare

Jason Gaare

Senior Software Engineer


Jason Gaare writes code, works on user experience, and generally keeps things running smoothly for the CompanyCam app. He works closely with the Product Designers and Engineers to keep CompanyCam moving forward.

Outside of the Dev Office, Gaare enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, woodworking, playing the guitar, and preparing for the apocalypse Hunger Games style.

Photo of Jared Goertzen

Jared Goertzen

Lead Product Designer


Jared’s days at CompanyCam are filled with making our app look nice, pretty, and super easy to use. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. He works hand-in-hand with the team of Product Designers to ensure that new features are functional and find the right place in the app.

When he’s out of the office Jared likes to play soccer, watch soccer (go USA!), and teach his daughters about soccer. He also enjoys working on house projects and soccer…did we mention soccer?

Photo of Michael Gogan

Michael Gogan

Business Development - Education


Michael spends most of his days out of the office traveling for shows, seminars, and speaking engagements. He’s the guy running our webinars, explaining what CompanyCam is on the tradeshow floor, and convincing you that you need this app. 

When he’s home, Michael spends time with his kids and wife, plays golf, and drinks copious amounts of diet soda. 

Photo of Joey Gordon

Joey Gordon

Software Engineer


Joey works with the Engineering team to build and maintain the features and behind-the-scenes stuff that keep CompanyCam running like a top. 

When his day is done, Joey likes to make an attempt at being a photographer, make frequent stops at his local Starbucks, and partake in the most fun of the seven deadly sins — gluttony. 

Photo of Dustin Hahn

Dustin Hahn

Inside Sales Rep


Dustin is a salesman for the company! When he’s collaborating with the sales team he works to get our awesome product out to people to make their lives easier and to do their jobs better. But when he’s done for the day he’s outside! As a professed outdoorsman, he explores nature with his Wife and daughter, hunts for upland birds with his dog Lewis, or takes time off for bow hunting season. And when he’s inside, he loves a good household DIY.

Photo of Luke Hansen

Luke Hansen

Founder & CEO


Luke spends his days supplying the vision, acquiring funds, hiring the best folks around, and distracting all the smart people he’s hired with long-winded anecdotes. Luke’s mission is to get CompanyCam in the hands of every contractor on the planet and he won’t rest until he’s done.

When Luke isn’t speaking at high volume on the phone, he’s golfing, spending time with his kids, tweeting nonsense, and beating teenagers in Fortnite on the reg. 

Photo of Charlie Harris

Charlie Harris

Senior Software Engineer


Charlie and his giant, magnificent, mind boggling beard work alongside the Engineering team to develop and maintain the systems that allow CompanyCam to run like a top. He has a special focus on data, backend work, and making sure the app can handle all the new users we get. 

Outside of the office, Charlie likes to be outside. He enjoys camping, road trips, BBQ, and fermenting all the things — beer, hot sauce, you name it. 

Photo of Chris Hart

Chris Hart

Product Designer


Chris wakes up on a weekday morning, eats a bowl of Raisin Nut Bran, and then logs on to work with the Product team! As a product designer he designs and codes new features and improves existing ones for our web and mobile apps. And at the end of the day, he bugs his family to go on long walks with him, or watch English Premier League Soccer, and of course always finishes off the day with another bowl of Raisin Nut Bran (did we mention that he really likes Raisin Nut Bran?).

Photo of Jared Hartman

Jared Hartman

Customer Support


Jared’s job is to make sure that all CompanyCam customers questions get answered, that everyone knows how to use all the coolest features of the app, and to keep everyone happy at all times. 

If Jared didn’t have young children, he’d like to grow his own food, play guitar, and work on DIY projects around his house. As it is, Jared spends time with his wife and kids and tries to remember what a full night of sleep felt like. 

Photo of Coleman Imhoff

Coleman Imhoff

Software Engineer


Coleman works with the Client Engineering team. From building new features, maintaining existing ones, or squashing bugs, he ensures that users have a great experience using CompanyCam web and mobile applications. 

When he’s not working, Coleman enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats, exploring the Colorado Rocky Mountains, playing video games, and producing music.

Photo of Kyle King

Kyle King

Head of Marketing


Kyle keeps the marketing team in check and provides the vision and creative direction behind our website, advertisements, tradeshow presence, and more. 

In Kyle’s free time, he can be found playing pickup basketball games, tearing his home apart piece by piece, cheering on the Hawkeyes (ew), and hanging with his family. 

Photo of Mike Knott

Mike Knott

Inside Sales Rep


Mike’s duties here at CompanyCam include following up with all our potential customers, setting up demos, answering questions, and making sure everyone understands what we do — and to charm the pants off of em while he’s at it. 

When he departs for the evening, Mike can be found watching a lot of basketball, checking out movies, and reading books. 

Photo of Tullen Mabbutt

Tullen Mabbutt

Head of Finance


Tullen lives and breathes data. He oversees all of CompanyCam’s finances and sets goals for budgeting, investing, and all the other stuff none of us paid attention to in that high school economics class. 

When he heads back to his bachelor pad, Tullen can be found avoiding laundry and other adult responsibilities by distracting himself with things like longboarding, snowboarding, and concerts. 

Photo of Danny Maienschein

Danny Maienschein

Senior Software Engineer


Dr. Dan works alongside the team of Product Designers and Engineers and is constantly looking for new ways to improve the app. He knows things about computer vision and other things us mere mortals could only wish to understand. 

When the Midwest cooperates, Dr. Dan likes to go for bike rides. When it doesn’t, he likes reading and learning new things. And yes, he is a real doctor. 

Photo of Doug McClure

Doug McClure

Marketing Web Developer


Doug works on the Marketing team as our web developer, ensuring our website is running fast as lighting, looking sharp, and making all our web-dreams come true. 

Outside of CoCam, Doug can be found biking, playing video games, hanging with his family, and searching for the perfect IPA

Photo of Jared McCoskey

Jared McCoskey

Customer Success Manager


Jared is our rockstar Customer Success manager, which means he works tirelessly to ensure that all of our users are getting the most out of CompanyCam as possible. 

When he signs off, Jared spends his time biking, golfing, hanging out with his wife, traveling, tackling home projects, and of course — referencing The Office. 

Photo of Jason McKelvey

Jason McKelvey

Product Designer


Jason spends his time at CompanyCam HQ working on and improving the product. He assists in creating and designing product features and lends his hand to bug fixes when needed. 

Outside of work, Jason is a big-time movie buff, draws comic characters, and hangs out with his lovely wife, Nicole and their two (very cute) children. 

Photo of Kelli Megrue

Kelli Megrue

Graphic Designer


Kelli works with our awesome Design team to create eye-catching graphics, illustrations, and working on all things related to the CompanyCam brand. 

When she’s not making us look cool, Kelli enjoys traveling with her husband, playing volleyball, enjoying the outdoors, and spending far too much money on Starbucks white mochas.

Photo of Isaac Moore

Isaac Moore

Video Producer


Isaac is a doer! As a video producer Isaac edits some video project and podcast streams for the team, and he helps Ben and Charley look as awesome as possible. At the end of the day you’ll find Isaac doing things, literally if there is an option of doing something instead of nothing, that’s what he’s doing. This includes (but is NOT limited to) spending time with his wife, playing/​writing music, winning at Animal Crossing, tennis, and bike rides.

Photo of Caleb Moore

Caleb Moore

Creative Director


Caleb makes sure that the creative department is staying on top of all of their projects, all while making sure that we’re staying true to our brand, which we love so much. 

When he heads out, Caleb can be found hanging with his wife and son, making music, and cooking up some real fancy sh*t.

Photo of Charley Morris

Charley Morris



Charley fills his days at CompanyCam with video production, creating motion graphic ads, demo and tutorial videos, as well as assisting in overall marketing strategy and doing cool sh*t. 

When he’s not here, Charley likes to freakin’ shred — whether it’s on a longboard, skateboard, or the bass doesn’t matter to him. He also enjoys telling the highest quality of bad jokes and doodling his little heart out. 

Photo of Dawnta Morrison

Dawnta Morrison

Customer Success


When Dawnta (pronounced Dawntayyyy) is in the office, she’s busy working with potential and current clients, answering questions and showing them the ropes. 

Outside of the office, Dawnta can be found bingeing reality TV with her husband, eating all the ice cream, cheering on the Skers, and keeping her daughter alive and away from dog food. 

Photo of Levi Nelson

Levi Nelson



Levi works to ensure that CompanyCam as a business and as an app run smoothly. He provides guidance, structure, and much needed organization to our day-to-day and keeps us all moving forward. 

When he’s not in the office talking about EOS, you can find Levi hanging with his wife and kids, spending time in the great outdoors, cooking, making music, or gaming. 

Photo of Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng

Product Manager


When Patrick clocks in, he’s working as a Product Manager for our product team. He works with our product team to bridge the gap between customer and product through engaging and intuitive ways. During the day he receives love breaks from his corgi, he loves to eat good food, and on the weekends he’s finding himself doing endless amounts of house and yard work.

Photo of Zoe Norris

Zoe Norris



Zoe manages all of the merchandise, swag, and fun stuff at CompanyCam. When she’s not handwriting thank-you notes and dealing with sock manufacturers you can find her folding t‑shirts and making runs to the post office. 

After 5PM, Zoe can be found boating, biking, hanging out with Frankenstein, her female cat, and probably wishing she didn’t work with this group of insane people. 

Photo of Micki Parks

Micki Parks

Content Manager


As the Content Manager at CompanyCam, Micki spends her time managing our social media accounts, creating blog content, and helping out with customer outreach and any other random tasks that pop up. 

After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from the Bachelor, working on her mile time, and hanging with her friends. Oh, to be young again.

Photo of Shane Penner

Shane Penner

Inside Sales Rep


Shane’s job here at CompanyCam is to follow up with all our potential customers, set up demos, answer questions, and make sure everyone understands what we do. 

When he’s not chatting with potential CompanyCampers, Shane likes to spend time in the great outdoors, hiking, hunting, or golfing and doesn’t mind the occasional road trip.

Photo of Casey Provost

Casey Provost

Senior Software Engineer


As a Senior Software Engineer on the Backend Team, Casey helps maintain and extend the existing platform through excellent teamwork and craftsmanship. He also assists teammates in times of need and helps product work through technical aspects of feature work. 

When he’s not nerding out about code, you can find him nerding out about video games and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Photo of Parker Quackenbush

Parker Quackenbush

Product Manager


Yeah, his name is Parker, but why call him that when his nickname Quack” is so much more fun!? Speaking of fun, Quack’s job as a product manager is to make sure our app is everything that our customers really want and need. He’s super good at it. 

When he’s not quacking” jokes in the office (that was pretty bad), you can find him in his garden, reading, watching movies and spending time with his family & dog, Romeo. 

Photo of Chrissy Reimer

Chrissy Reimer

Marketing Coordinator


Chrissy corrals the marketing team and keeps them on track and on schedule. She lives for spreadsheets, calendars, color coordination, and organizational tools.

Outside the hours of 8 – 5, Chrissy can be found checking out live music, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and attempting to *not* kill plants.

Photo of Jordan Roark

Jordan Roark

Head of Retention Marketing & Content


Jordan Roark, AKA the Voice of CompanyCam,” is in charge of the written word here at CompanyCam. She tackles any and all copywriting projects, leads our customer engagement efforts, and makes a mean birthday dessert. 

When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid. 

Photo of Courtney Ruud

Courtney Ruud

Business Development - Partnerships


Courtney works diligently developing partnerships, cultivating relationships, and educating expo attendees and strangers on the street about CompanyCam. She lives to network and is always excited to meet potential new partners. 

Away from the office Courtney enjoys traveling, cooking, being outside, and doing yoga with her omies.

Photo of Nicolás Santa

Nicolás Santa

Senior Software Engineer


Nicolás works with the Engineering team to build out new features, maintain the existing ones, and fix whatever bugs come our way. He’s always looking for problems to solve and more efficient ways to get the job done.

Nico is an Argentinian husband, father, video game player, physics and math enthusiast, food and wine fan. He’d much rather listen to rock music than go kayaking with Jeff (ask us about it). 

Photo of Kevin Scully

Kevin Scully

Head of Product


Kevin’s job is to make sure that everything looks nice, runs smoothly, and any bugs are squashed in a timely manner. He works in tandem with the team of Product Designers and Engineers to keep CompanyCam on the cutting edge. 

When he’s not in the dev office, Kevin likes to read, hang out with his family, beat people up using his Muay Thai skills, and work on his vague and elusive side hustle.”

Photo of Nick Small

Nick Small

Head of Customer Acquisition


Nick’s job is to manage all of CompanyCam’s digital advertising as well as to create and implement marketing strategies. He oversees the customer journey and works to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with CompanyCam is blown away.

When he leaves for the day, Nick enjoys golfing, working out, snowboarding, traveling, drinking the dankest IPAs, and checking out live music. 

Photo of Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist


Jordan spends his days dreaming up digital campaigns, analyzing results, and conducting endless tests on what performs best. 

When he clocks out, Jordan enjoys spending his time golfing, watching the sports teams he’s pledged his loyalty to disappoint him time and time again, and dabbling/​playing in some good old fashioned rock n’ roll shows. 

Photo of Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy Stewart

Infrastructure Engineer


Jeremy focuses on our backend (get your mind out of the gutter). He builds, maintains, and designs features and functionality specifically for the behind the scenes that keep CompanyCam operating as it should. 

When he’s not polishing the app, Jeremy spends his time in the great outdoors fishing, grilling out, camping, or off-roading — all things he can do in sunny San Diego. 

Photo of Jeff Valder

Jeff Valder

Inside Sales Manager


Jeff oversees the team of inside sales reps here at CompanyCam. He works to remove any and all distractions or obstacles from each rep’s plate, help them grow and blossom into the best salesperson they can be, and keep the team on track and crushing goals.

When he’s not evangelizing in the name of CompanyCam, Jeff loves being outside doing all of the things — biking, hiking, backpacking, camping. He also loves food, beer, his wife, and The Office – not necessarily in that order. 

Photo of Zoe Vallas

Zoe Vallas

Executive Assistant


In their day to day, Zoe’s got their eye on logistics and our office space, but if you need anything don’t worry, they’ll order it for ya. When they’re clocked off, before the pandemic, Zoe was going to concerts and traveling to visit National Parks and friends, but now Zoe cuddles her cat, and has spent A LOT of time visiting their Animal Crossing island.

Photo of Ashley Wanser

Ashley Wanser

Graphic Designer


Day in & day out, Ashley comes prepared for whatever the creative team throws at her: be it a social media, print, or blog graphic — Ashley’s got us covered.

After eating chicken strips for lunch in the office, she swiftly returns home to have chicken strips for dinner (we appreciate the consistency). Ashley also enjoys testing out new bars with her roomies — gotta love those college days!

Photo of Chad Wilken

Chad Wilken



As the CTO, Chad is responsible for ensuring everything on the backend of CompanyCam is squared away, designing and maintaining our API functionality, and keeping the app up and running. When sh*t hits the fan, Chad is our fixer. 

When he isn’t fixing all of our problems, Chad enjoys woodworking, skateboarding, and falling asleep outside. 

Photo of Nick Wilkinson

Nick Wilkinson

Digital Marketing Specialist


Kick’s skill set is heavy in strategy. He’s usually brainstorming our next digital campaign, analyzing the analytics, making spreadsheets galore, and furiously taking notes on every legal pad and sticky note in sight. 

Outside of the office, Kick loves hosting game night, reading Of Mice and Men, crushing it in bags (or cornhole if ya nasty), and going to every concert he can find.

Photo of Jennifer Woockman

Jennifer Woockman

Senior Graphic Designer


Here at CompanyCam Jennifer spends her days creating graphics for web, print, social, you name it. Basically, she uses her creative genius to make things look cool and tell a story. 

Jennifer’s free time is limited, as she has three tiny humans to take care of, but when she finds herself with a spare moment she enjoys photography, sketching, Lego-ing, and drinking coffee – which we all wholeheartedly agree is definitely a hobby. 

Photo of Ben Woodall

Ben Woodall

Senior Software Engineer


Ben works with the Engineering team as a Full Stack engineer. Basically, he breaks things apart and puts them back together in a better, cleaner way. He focuses on creating a solid back end (lol) that makes the app look and run as best as it can! 

Outside of the office, Ben can be found spending time in the great outdoors — biking, running, traveling, you name it. He also enjoys cooking, reading, and has the funnest fact of all — he’s a SAG actor and has been in actual movies. 

Photo of Jodi Young

Jodi Young

Operations Coordinator


Jodi works to ensure that our office space has everything it needs to keep us all happy and working hard. She keeps tabs on our stock of office supplies and snacks and lends her hand to event scheduling and logistics. She’s a boss. 

When she isn’t taking care of all of us, Jodi is taking care of her four actual children, going camping, traveling, and getting out and about with her husband.

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