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Showing your work on your website just got easier.

Your potential customers love looking at photos of past jobs, but you don’t have hours to spend updating your site. Good news — with showcases, it’s simple to publish your CompanyCam project photos directly to your website.

Add Showcases to your website.

No need to abandon your existing website — Showcases are compatible with most platforms so you can easily add them to your site! Plus, they look great on mobile!

Make it easy to browse your work.

Give the people what they want! Categorizing projects by type, location, and products used helps your potential customers easily sort by the type of job they need doin’. 

Install once and publish continuously. 

Adding showcases to your site is as easy as copying and pasting the code once — so no need to call your techie nephew (unless you just felt like saying hi). Once you have the code installed on your site, you can publish projects via CompanyCam to your heart’s content in less than 30 seconds. 

Paint a full picture of the job.

Showcases let your customers see exactly what they can expect when they work with your company. Have photos that don’t add any context? Hiding them from the project timeline is easy.

Increase your lead flow. 

Ready to reap the marketing benefits of your hard work? Your showcases are hosted on your site, not a third-party’s, so customers will spend more time on your site—and more traffic means more leads. You do the math.

How to Install a Showcase Widget on Your Website

Check out our setup guide for step-by-step instructions.

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Installing the Showcase widget isn’t rocket science, but it does require copy-pasting some code into your website! If you aren’t comfortable editing your site, reach out to your CSM or email us at success@​companycam.​com, and we’ll connect you with our partners at Virtual Vision. They’ll install the widget on your website for FREE!

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