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The CompanyCam Chrome Extension: Productivity Cheat Code

The companycam chrome extension productivity cheat code header

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

For some people, there’s nothing more relaxing than immersing in a video game for hours, exploring the world, and earning achievements.

But other times, you just want to plug in a cheat code that unlocks everything.

And that’s what our new Chrome Extension does — it opens your CompanyCam photos and video to a new world of websites you use to run your business.

  1. What is the CompanyCam Chrome Extension
  2. What Sites Does It Work On?
  3. How to Get The Extension

What is the CompanyCam Chrome Extension?

It’s a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Brave browsers that lets you access your CompanyCam photos and projects in your browser and share them on other sites, all without having to install an integration or fork over any extra coins, rings, or Simoleons.

Like the title says, the extension is a cheat code that will help you become more productive because you’ll be able to use your photos in more places and be much more streamlined. 

What Sites Does It Work On?

The extension works on pretty much any website you use to run, manage, and market your contracting business. 

That’s kind of broad, though. 

It’s like when a game map is so huge that you don’t even know which direction to start going.

So here are a few sites that the early adopters of the extension are finding the most value with.


It’s now easier than ever to post those beautiful Before and After photos on your Facebook page. You no longer need to download photos from your CoCam account and clutter your desktop.

That manual process is avoided: just search for your project in the Google Chrome extension, select the images, add a short description, and post!

Quickbooks Online

Adding photos to Quickbooks with our Google Chrome Extension invoices is a great way to tie the bow on a completed project. It makes you look professional and shows your customers what they’ve received in exchange for their investment.

Google Suite

Need to attach a photo to an email? Extension. A Google Form you’re using for compliance? Extension. Google My Business update? You guessed it: extension.

Some users even use the extension to add their CompanyCam photos to their Google Drive and Dropbox account folders. But, to be honest, that’s kind of unnecessary because all of your CompanyCam photos are already backed up to our memory card in the sky. But it never hurts to have doubles.

Note: There are a few exceptions we know of, and probably others we don’t — we can’t check the whole internet.

How to Get the Browser Extension

The CompanyCam Chrome Extension works on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. So you’ll need to use one of them.

Next, go to the extension store and add it to your browser. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to enable it on the site where you want to use it if it’s not already on by default.

If you want to upload something from your desktop instead, just click the button in the bottom left of the extension window that says Choose from your computer instead.

Tip: Make sure you pin the extension icon to your Chrome browser, so it’s available whenever you need it.

Add the CompanyCam Chrome Extension to your browser today! Once it’s added, you’ll speed run through all of your administrative tasks just like you used to speed run through Super Mario Bros. — and it will open up opportunities for you to take on more jobs, evaluate processes, invest in your business, or even hit play on the game you’ve had paused since the beginning of the busy season.

Want to become even more fluent in CompanyCam? Check out these links:

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