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One essential part of scaling a business is automating time-consuming administrative tasks. Automate those tasks quickly and easily with CompanyCam integrations.

With home project spending and planned spending at four-year highs, contractors are taking on more work than ever. More work equals more projects to coordinate, documents to upload, and customer data to manage across the handful of tools they use to run their business.

With more work coming in, there are more chances to misplace project information, and more than that, managing it all makes the workday longer and less enjoyable — no one really likes to download and upload pics and docs all day.

So what’s your contacting business to do? You could try to bring on another employee to help with all of these administrative tasks, but it’s not easy to hire and retain employees right now.

Or you could use something that’s low- to no-cost and ready to implement as soon as you finish this short blog: Task automation through CompanyCam integrations and Zapier zaps.

Why Software Automation Helps Contractors

Software automation helps contracting businesses realize scale more quickly by eliminating the tedious tasks and time-consuming interactions you have with the software. 

Most contractors operate with 90% of the same playbook.

That other 10% is unique to you. It’s your people and processes, and those play a huge role in determining if you break even on jobs or if you can scale your projects and revenue. Automation plays a significant role in maximizing that 10%.

You probably find yourself downloading CoCam photos and reuploading them to another platform or copying customer information from your CRM into your CompanyCam project. But thanks to integrations, you can automate that work and gain back that time.

By automating recurring work, you’re giving yourself and your team the ability to take on more work while doing fewer tasks. 

So how do you integrate your CompanyCam account with your other software? You have more than a few options:

CompanyCam Integrations

If you didn’t know, CompanyCam integrates directly with many of the top software used in the trades. And if you are using CompanyCam and one of our integration partners but not connecting them, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to work more efficiently.

Note: You must have a Pro or Premium CompanyCam account and Admin permissions to connect an integration.


JobNimbus helps contractors in a range of trades stay organized, efficient, and profitable.

After you connect CompanyCam with JobNimbus, new leads created in JobNimbus will automatically create a linked project in CompanyCam. All you and your crews will need to do is select the project and start using CompanyCam as you normally do. Each photo taken will sync with JobNimbus and be accessible when building invoices, estimates, and work orders.

The average JobNimbus user saves eight hours per week. Paired with the hour you’re saving each day with CompanyCam, you’ll have enough free time to watch our growing list of mini-series content. Or take a vacation or something.


Jobber is a full-stack CRM for contractors in all sorts of trades, with a focus on cleaning and landscaping businesses. 

Once connected, photos taken in a CompanyCam project will sync with the corresponding job in Jobber and will be available in the attachments section. 

Connect your accounts today to start using your CompanyCam photos in Jobber invoices and more!

Housecall Pro

With powerful and easy-to-use scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing tools, it’s no surprise why so many home service businesses use Housecall Pro.

When you connect Housecall Pro and CompanyCam, all vital job site documentation and data captured and annotated in CompanyCam will sync to Housecall Pro.

Did you know? Our Housecall Pro integration now supports multiple addresses!

Zapier Zaps

Can’t find the software you use on our partner list? There’s a good chance that CompanyCam connects with it through Zapier.

Recently, our product team completely refreshed our Zapier functionality, making it easier than ever for users to connect to Zapier’s library of more than 4,000+ apps and software with their CompanyCam account.

4,000+ apps are quite a lot to sift through — so we’ll focus on some examples of the most-popular zaps that you can set up right now:

  1. Pipedrive. When a status in a Pipedrive Deal updates to Contact Made,” it will automatically create a new CompanyCam project and link for that project that you can access on both platforms.

  2. Google Drive. Once a new document is uploaded to CompanyCam, a copy will be automatically created in your Google Drive account for backup.

  3. Salesforce. After a CompanyCam project is labeled as Bid Won,” the lead status in Salesforce will change instantaneously.

These are just the beginning. Let your creativity run free when thinking about linking your CompanyCam account with the software in your stack.

Google Chrome Extension

The newest way to automate with CompanyCam is through our Google Chrome Extension. The extension allows CompanyCam users to use their photos on pretty much any website — Hubspot, Facebook, Quickbooks, and CRMs we don’t have a direct integration or zap with!

We brought back Brady from CompanyCam to show you how it works:

The extension is available in any Chromium-based browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave) on a laptop or desktop.

The days are getting longer and warmer. You should be spending more time enjoying them and less behind the desk clicking and dragging; copying and pasting; and downloading and uploading.

Connect your CompanyCam account with one of these popular integrations to keep your work focused and free of as many tedious tasks as possible.

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