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How Far Will Ten Dollars Go? With CompanyCam Premium, a Very Long Way

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CompanyCam Premium is the whole CompanyCam experience. For an additional $10 per month, you get access to business-changing features that give you an advantage over your competitors and exclusive access to new upcoming features the moment they launch. 

Think for a moment about what ten dollars gets you. Not your business, just you as an individual. 

Ten dollars would get you one (maybe two) coffees at a Starbucks or similar coffee shop spot. 

Perhaps ten dollars gets you a t‑shirt (on a big sale) or a six-pack of beer sodas.

You’re probably only going to get two, maybe three, gallons of gas with ten dollars. 

Hey, you could choose between one beverage or one food item at a sporting event/​concert (not both) with ten bucks. That’s fun (kind of). 

What if we told you that putting just ten more dollars into your business could have a massive impact on your revenue, efficiency, and growth opportunity? 

For $10 more per user per month, you can upgrade from CompanyCam Pro to CompanyCam Premium.

CompanyCam Premium unlocks a whole new set of features to help your team take daily workflows to the next level: features like video walkthrough mode, Report Templates, 10-minute video, ultra-quality photos, 4K video, and logo stickers. 

And, as a CompanyCam Premium user, you’ll have guaranteed access to all new features as they come out.

Sounds good, right? Here are three features within CompanyCam Premium that will help you get a leg up on the competition. 

Video Walkthrough Mode

This feature allows you to record video using your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously, which adds a personal touch to a sale and makes any video feel like a face-to-face meeting. 

This feature opens up a new world for your business as you can communicate more effectively with your customers.

Use video walkthroughs to give customers clarity without having to sit in the room awkwardly with service techs during maintenance or inspection calls.

* Video walkthrough mode is currently only available on iOS devices.

But wait! There’s more.

Report Templates

One of the most impactful ways to save time and get work done faster is to standardize your processes. 

Report templates will help you do just that.

How about a way to illustrate your prices for your sales team to distribute? Maybe you need a consistent way to show past projects to a potential customer. Or you use the same report for supplementing insurance. 

Report templates are the perfect tool for all that.

Templates ensure that all reports are consistent across every project, so you don’t have to recreate commonly used reports from scratch every single time. 

Those reports that took hours to build and got turned in with minutes to spare are now the opposite: They take minutes, saving your sales team hours each month.

10-Minute, 4K Video and Ultra Quality Photos

Shoot videos up to 10 minutes in length and capture your essential work in 4K. 

Consolidating demonstrations, inspections, bids, or walkthroughs in a single video versus multiple two-minute videos saves you time and money. 

Taking clear photos in tight spaces and getting clear image quality on part and unit numbers is now a breeze. 

Having the highest quality isn’t just crucial for general documentation purposes and your marketing efforts. Showing potential customers the best quality images is of the utmost importance when the detail of your work is essential to highlight. 

It’s simple: often, short videos just don’t cut it. A longer runtime for these videos adds context where it’s most needed. 

Ready To Plan with Premium?

These three features are just the beginning. Plus, you’ll have access to all new CompanyCam features as they are released. 

Ready to upgrade and level up your business? 

Visit your billing page or email success@​companycam.​com to get started. 

Are you looking for pricing details? The CompanyCam Pricing page is the place to be. 

Learn More About Premium

Part of the amazing Content Strategy team at CompanyCam, John is a Senior Content Strategist and focuses on crafting and delivering value to contractors and their businesses through content. When he’s not thinking about the next great idea to share with the world, he enjoys building and playing guitars, working on classic cars/​trucks, playing golf (sometimes well), and spending time with his family.

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