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How Your Whole Crew Can Use CompanyCam


From own­ers and office admins to crew mem­bers and sales, our app has some­thing for you.

CoCam is best known for kick­ass, easy-as-pie pho­to doc­u­men­ta­tion. But even if you’re not the one tak­ing pic­tures in the field, you can take advan­tage of our app.


You know how moms always seem to have eyes in the back of their heads? You gain that super­pow­er when your crews are using Com­pa­ny­Cam. Our app allows you to see every­thing hap­pen­ing through­out your com­pa­ny — from project sta­tus­es and invoic­es to future ven­tures and new rev­enue streams. You get full trans­paren­cy and the pow­er to set per­mis­sions for your whole crew so no one’s delet­ing pho­tos or adding users they shouldn’t be.

Plus, you can inte­grate CoCam with your favorite CRM soft­ware or busi­ness man­age­ment tool to sim­pli­fy dai­ly tasks, stream­line process­es, and save time and money. 

Office Admin­is­tra­tion

Tired of chas­ing down details from crew mem­bers in the field? How about large stacks of paper­work and using your fax machine? (It’s 2021, for cry­ing out loud.) All that, plus sub­mit­ting insur­ance adjust­ment claims, gets a whole lot eas­i­er with CompanyCam. 

Project con­ver­sa­tions make it sim­ple to com­mu­ni­cate with your entire crew, all in the app (see ya nev­er, messy group texts and missed phone calls). And with project feeds updat­ing in real-time, you can request spe­cif­ic pho­tos or ask ques­tions right away, sav­ing you and the crew the has­sle of going back and forth. Final­ly, CoCam allows you to cre­ate PDF reports to share pic­tures with clients instead of hav­ing to attach pho­tos to an email. Or send a gallery link so they can fol­low along as work is get­ting done.

Project Man­agers

Mul­ti­ple projects hap­pen­ing at once? No prob­lem. CompanyCam’s project feed lets you see all the jobs your crews are work­ing at on one screen. And since it updates in real-time, you don’t need to ask about progress any­more — you’ll be able to see it in pho­tos as they’re being taken. 

And since you’re the orga­nized one of the group, you’ll love the project note­book fea­ture. It lets you cap­ture infor­ma­tion like phone num­bers or links relat­ed to a project. No more ran­dom post-its or clut­ter in the Notes app on your phone. Last but not least, you can add sub­con­trac­tors as guest users so they can upload pho­tos and add com­ments as if they were part of the crew (because they are).


Bringin’ in the bacon ain’t always easy, but Com­pa­ny­Cam can help make it that way. Cre­at­ing a bid? Use CoCam to quick­ly cap­ture and com­pile pho­tos by address, keep­ing you orga­nized. Pitch­ing to a new poten­tial client? Show them sim­i­lar jobs your crews have worked on using project labels. Just fil­ter by shin­gle type, paint col­or, exte­ri­or mate­r­i­al, or any oth­er fea­ture relat­ed to the work you do to eas­i­ly pull up pho­tos you can show them. 

Last but not least, make sure everyone’s fol­low­ing through on what needs to be done by leav­ing anno­ta­tions on photos. 

Crew Mem­bers

The ones doing the work! There are so many ways you can use the app. First and fore­most, you can doc­u­ment jobs you’re work­ing on so every­one can stay up to date on progress (with­out blow­ing up your phone). Take pic­tures of exist­ing dam­age to cov­er your butt or snap pic­tures and record videos to share with your own­er or project manager. 

And since every­thing is auto­mat­i­cal­ly saved to the cloud, you don’t have to store all your work pho­tos on a per­son­al device (it’s too hard to find cute pic­tures of your dog that way). 

The bot­tom line is CoCam doesn’t just save con­trac­tors an hour a day — we’ll give every­one on your team some time back. When you’re ready to get your whole oper­a­tion on board, you can sign up in just 30 sec­onds. Already have an account? Take our crash course to become a pro.

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