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How Your Whole Crew Can Use CompanyCam


From owners and office admins to crew members and sales, our app has something for you.

CoCam is best known for kickass, easy-as-pie photo documentation. But even if you’re not the one taking pictures in the field, you can take advantage of our app.


You know how moms always seem to have eyes in the back of their heads? You gain that superpower when your crews are using CompanyCam. Our app allows you to see everything happening throughout your company — from project statuses and invoices to future ventures and new revenue streams. You get full transparency and the power to set permissions for your whole crew so no one’s deleting photos or adding users they shouldn’t be.

Plus, you can integrate CoCam with your favorite CRM software or business management tool to simplify daily tasks, streamline processes, and save time and money. 

Office Administration

Tired of chasing down details from crew members in the field? How about large stacks of paperwork and using your fax machine? (It’s 2021, for crying out loud.) All that, plus submitting insurance adjustment claims, gets a whole lot easier with CompanyCam. 

Project conversations make it simple to communicate with your entire crew, all in the app (see ya never, messy group texts and missed phone calls). And with project feeds updating in real-time, you can request specific photos or ask questions right away, saving you and the crew the hassle of going back and forth. 

Finally, CoCam allows you to create PDF reports to share pictures with clients instead of having to attach photos to an email. Or send a gallery link so they can follow along as work is getting done.

Project Managers

Multiple projects happening at once? No problem. CompanyCam’s project feed lets you see all the jobs your crews are working at on one screen. And since it updates in real-time, you don’t need to ask about progress anymore — you’ll be able to see it in photos as they’re being taken. 

And since you’re the organized one of the group, you’ll love the project notebook feature. It lets you capture information like phone numbers or links related to a project. No more random post-its or clutter in the Notes app on your phone. Last but not least, you can add subcontractors as guest users so they can upload photos and add comments as if they were part of the crew (because they are).


Bringin’ in the bacon ain’t always easy, but CompanyCam can help make it that way. Creating a bid? Use CoCam to quickly capture and compile photos by address, keeping you organized. 

Pitching to a new potential client? Show them similar jobs your crews have worked on using project labels and tags. Just filter by shingle type, paint color, exterior material, or any other feature related to the work you do to easily pull up photos you can show them. 

Last but not least, make sure everyone’s following through on what needs to be done by leaving annotations on photos.

Crew Members

The ones doing the work! There are so many ways you can use the app. First and foremost, you can document jobs you’re working on so everyone can stay up to date on progress (without blowing up your phone). Take pictures of existing damage to cover your butt or snap pictures and record videos to share with your owner or project manager. 

And since everything is automatically saved to the cloud, you don’t have to store all your work photos on a personal device (it’s too hard to find cute pictures of your dog that way). 

The bottom line is CoCam doesn’t just save contractors an hour a day — we’ll give everyone on your team some time back. When you’re ready to get your whole operation on board, you can sign up in just 30 seconds. Already have an account? Read about our CompanyCam basics and become a pro.

As the Retention Campaign Manager, Tiegen’s to blame for why leaving CompanyCam is so dang hard. Day in, day out, she’s busy helping customers find value in the app so they keep coming back again and again (and again). After work, she can be found hanging out with her dog (and her husband, I guess), strolling the aisles of Target, and searching for the *perfect* sour beer.

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