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The 2021 CompanyCam Integrations Recap

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It was a busy year for our integrations team. We added seven major integrations with Housecall Pro, Leap, Builder Prime, OneClick Code, Followup CRM, Get The Referral, and Jobber. Learn more about these below!

It’s the season of giving, so let’s give a round of applause to the dope integrations that make your lives easier.

After all, that’s the goal of CompanyCam: to simplify your job with one app. By integrating with software that your company is already using, you save time, up your organization game, and minimize the chance of losing important information. Here’s a complete list of everything that happened in the integration space this year.

Before we get to the new guys, here’s a list of the existing integrations that really blew up this year (in a good way):


JobNimbus is a two-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) and project management software that handles everything from projects to contacts to tasks. When you pair it with CompanyCam, all of your photos will instantly flow back to JobNimbus, keeping everything in one spot.


Thanks to Zapier, automation between web apps has never been easier. It allows you can create an automation that ties your CRM to CoCam. When you add a new client, a new project with their address will automatically appear in CompanyCam. Some significant Zap updates are coming in 2022 — stay tuned.


Service contractors, look no further because this integration covers every base from managing customers, equipment, and warranty processes to a full accounting system. Your CoCam pics will automatically sync with the correct account in Successware.

Contractor’s Cloud

Enter a client’s information in Contractor’s Cloud, and it will populate to a corresponding project in CompanyCam. Pictures uploaded in our app will sync to Contractor’s Cloud for seamless organization.

2021’s Custom Integrations

In addition to those crowd favorites, we launched seven new integrations in 2021! These newbies hit every industry we work with and are sure to be heavy-hitters.

Housecall Pro

This year, we launched our long-awaited integration with Housecall Pro. Housecall Pro + CoCam users already love the streamlined job documentation and communication process. Housecall Pro co-founder Roland Ligtenberg said, Through this integration, we’ll provide unparalleled functionality, helping us deliver on our mission.”

If you’re using both software but don’t have them connected, head here to get started.


Thanks to this integration, users are leaping for joy because they’re leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. 

Corny jokes aside, this integration is off to a great start with our interior and exterior remodeling industry users. CompanyCam photos now seamlessly integrate into Leap’s proposals, contracts, and customer communication. Integrate your CoCam and Leap accounts today.

Builder Prime

In October, we launched our custom integration with Builder Prime. Builder Prime’s powerful CRM helps contractors organize leads, automate processes, and communicate with customers. Our integration allows contractors to keep all their most important documentation, photos, and communication in one place.

OneClick Code

OneClick Code’s mission is to increase efficiency and transparency (sound like someone you know?) by providing roofers with automated building codes for properties across the nation. The right photos plus the correct information on job sites is a win-win for roofers everywhere. Learn more about this integration.

Followup CRM

Followup CRM has found that their users, on average, have experienced increases in close rates and revenue and significant decreases in time spent on admin tasks and organization. We already save our users an hour a day, every day. With this integration, our users will save a TON of time.

Get The Referral

With this new integration, contractors using CompanyCam and Get The Referral will love how easy it is to share progress pictures with clients and secure more referral business. May we refer you over to our GTR integrations page to help you get started connecting your accounts?


Fact: Keeping all your photo documentation and communication for jobs in one place is a huge time and headache saver. Right before the end of the year, we launched a custom integration with Jobber. Jobber, a full-stack CRM for contractors in all sorts of trades, has tools for estimates, quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and getting paid.

Read up on all of our partners to learn about what they do and how they integrate with us.

Last but not least, our team was hard at work adding functionality to a few integrations. In JobProgress, you can now add CoCam photos and comments directly to proposals in their software. We also fixed a bug with Workiz where annotations weren’t syncing — now they are!

Want us to integrate with software not on any of those lists? Send your CSM an email to let us know.

Already see the software you want to integrate with? Find it on our integration articles page and follow the setup steps.

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