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CompanyCam’s Hidden Gem


It’s tags. It’s always been tags.

Managing job sites can be difficult. Keeping track of your employees, projects, clients, policies, etc. — there’s a lot on your plate. With so many moving parts, it’s a challenge to stay up-to-date. 

And it doesn’t help that once you’re back in the office downloading all your work photos, you have to remember which photos went with which room.

The good news is that CompanyCam does that for you. If you want to save time, sort your photos, and stay organized, the tags feature is the answer to all your problems. 

Consider this blog an introduction (or recap) to one of the best CompanyCam features you probably didn’t know about.

How will the tag feature save you time?

Contractors and office managers spend countless hours labeling and sorting their photos. Things get complicated quickly when you lose track of which photos go to which house. And then which photos go with which room.

Now with the help of the tag feature, your photos’ filenames will help you remember. 

When you download your CompanyCam images as a zip file, whatever tags you’ve used in the photos will appear in the file name. This prevents managers and users from opening every photo, renaming it, and sorting it into the room it was taken. 

The tagging feature organizes photos into the appropriate groups, saving hours and hours of manual work.

How exactly does it work?

Before taking photos, in the upper righthand corner of the photo screen (in CompanyCam), click the tag icon. Select the desired tags — for example, kitchen,” bedroom,” after photo,” etc. Then take photos! Each photo you take is saved with the tag attached. 

If you forget to add the tag before taking the photos, no worries. Select the chosen images within the project, then add the tags through the actions’ dropdown list. Once your photos have been tagged, download the zip file. 

And voila! All your photos will be neatly organized and labeled accordingly.

Watch the video below as Brian (CoCam’s Senior Inside Sales Rep). Brian explains how tags work and why they’ll be a game-changer for your documentation system.

For the restoration and roofing companies, this feature is a BIG deal. 

Pairing CompanyCam with estimating software like Xactimate is guaranteed to save you a boatload of time. Just download your photos from CompanyCam as a zip file and drag and drop them into your estimating software. Boom.

The tagging feature is — without a doubt — one of the biggest time-savers within the app. Cool thing is CompanyCam has plenty of other unique, cost-effective, systemized features, too.

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