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7 Things Contractors Are Saying about Showcases

Browns Pressure Washing

Paul Trautmann first heard of CompanyCam at the International Builders’ Show, an event for construction companies. As the President and CEO of Timberland Exteriors, he saw immediate advantage for his business in CompanyCam’s ability to organize, store, and share job site photos.

That advantage has expanded as he has started using our exciting new feature: showcases, which lets contractors publish their CompanyCam projects straight to their website.

We now have a quick way to show people recent projects we’ve done,” said Paul.

Hundreds of companies have already installed showcases on their website — here’s what they’re saying about it. 

1. Showcases is so easy to install!”

Most of our customers have noted how fast and simple it is to add this important feature to their websites. Copy and paste a few snippets of code, and you’re done in less than 30 minutes!

If you have a website operator, expect a little more time for communication and turnaround with their team. Either way, our customer support representatives are always available to troubleshoot with you or your web team.

Elite Roofing

2. Showcases increased our site traffic.”

When potential clients have projects to peruse on a website, they’re more likely to spend time clicking around — which means good things for Google search rankings. With showcases installed, CompanyCam users see increased site traffic.

Our website has been more interactive since we put that on,” said Paul. It’s great!”

Timberland Exteriors

3. Showcases eliminated our need for a web manager.”

Many CompanyCam users outsource their website management to individuals or firms, and they spend significant time grouping, downloading, and packaging photos to email for website updates.

After first installing showcases on their site, our users have been able to publish a new showcase — including all the photos available from a project — in less than 10 minutes! 

Mike Jones

4. Showcases streamlined our sales process.”

The main benefit we have found is that when our Sales Consultants are in the field, they can point to the website and show prospective clients our recent projects,” said Kelly Niessen of Condo Kandy.

When a new call comes in, sales representatives can send links to current projects instead of digging around in their hard drive for photos to send in an email.

We focus on condos, so we showcase various buildings as well in our target geographic market of the Greater Toronto Area,” said Kelly. Clients often recognize the buildings that we are showcasing our project in, and this creates instant credibility.”

Condo Kandy

5. Showcases displays our hard work!”

Landscaping and remodeling users are excited about how showcases visually demonstrates the transformation process to potential clients.

From start to finish, people can see what a company is capable of producing, just with a website visit.

RJC General Construction

6. We can easily add new projects to showcases.”

With this simple-to-use guide as their resource, CompanyCam contractors can quickly publish new projects without help. (But if you need it, you can always schedule a call—we will make ourselves available!)

Anytime a crew has put the finishing touches on a job, that photo feed can be up on your website in less than ten minutes.

Shonnard S

7. Our customers love showcases!”

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from customers since we’ve installed showcases on our website,” said Paul.

Because companies are literally showcasing their abilities with this feature, current and potential clients are reassured they’re hiring the right crew—and excited about the finished product.

Supreme Painting

Schedule a 15-minute call with our Customer Support Representatives to get started with showcases!

As the Content Strategy Lead, Jamie heads up the team of stellar CompanyCampers who strategize, develop, and create content that benefits contractors — she makes sure each piece is packed with relevancy and delivered in our signature sass. When she’s off the clock, she’ll either be nerding out over coffee, problem-solving a last-minute dinner for her kids, getting competitive at volleyball, or chilling at happy hour.

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