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4 SEO Tips for Construction Companies

Seo tips for construction companies

Search engine optimization refers to all the effort a company puts into ensuring its website ranks high on search engine results pages. That way, leads and potential customers can easily discover their content, click on it, and enter the sales funnel.

SEO for construction companies is not significantly different from SEO for all other business types. A successful SEO campaign brings visitors to your website, helping you connect with potential customers for your construction business. 

In this article, you’ll learn four SEO tips you can apply to your construction company to help you rank higher on search engines and generate more leads and customers.

1. Create high-quality content for service pages

The first step is to create a separate service page for every major construction service you provide. For instance, if you offer front porch renovation, design-build services, and garage conversion, each should have its own service page. 

But it’s not just about creating the pages. You need high-quality, relevant content on each of those pages. Besides making it easier for prospects to see the services you provide, sales pages allow you to add relevant keywords to each service page’s content. This further elevates your SEO ranking.

So start by conducting keyword research to determine what terms and phrases potential customers use when searching for the services you provide. Keyword research tools like Ubbersuggest, Ahref, and Google Keyword Planner can help you with this. That way, you’ll discover the primary and secondary keywords to include on your service page.

Besides the written content, you also want to add high-resolution photos and videos. This is your opportunity to show the services you provide and some of your previous works. Visuals will give your sales pages some life, allowing users to stay on your page longer and interact with it. 

Here’s an example from Gilbane’s service page.

Seo tips blog image1

Gilbane service page

Besides the service pages, you may also want to create a blog for your construction company. A blog gives you an excellent opportunity to support your service pages with quality content. 

Filling your blog with relevant content helps you build authority within your industry. It signals to search engines that you are an expert in that field, allowing you to rank higher. SEO experts call this topical authority.” 

When you correctly interlink these blog posts with your service pages, those service pages will also witness better rankings. 

Consider this as well; building backlinks to a blog is typically easier than service pages. That’s because most website editors and owners prefer sending their users to educational blog posts than sales pages. Plus, blogging helps you build a relationship with your audience by sharing valuable content. 

All this explains why blogging is such a popular SaaS SEO strategy. Software companies build a blog and interlink it with their sales pages. Your construction company should do the same. 

2. Regularly update service pages

After creating separate pages for your services, you must keep them up to date. Do this by adding fresh content whenever there are changes or additions to your services. It includes changes in pricing, service packages, and everything in between. 

It will also act as a refresher to your site that keeps followers and target customers interested in visiting your website from time to time. 

One easy way to update your service pages is to add new photos and videos every so often. This gives them a new lease of life and helps you to showcase to your prospects what’s new over time. You should also review the text on the page and update any information or statistics that may have changed with time. 

For example, let’s say you used to offer a five-year warranty for your flooring services covering scratched, dented, and stained flooring. If you change these terms and customers now need to pay for these services, you need to review and update your flooring service page. 

Use these updates to incorporate any changes you’re seeing in your market. For example, you can update the content to incorporate new target keywords used by your target audience. 

Moreover, updating your service pages lets your leads and followers know what’s new in the market. That way, they will view your website as a source of valuable, up-to-date information. This will further build your brand as a construction industry leader, letting you win and keep repeat customers.

3. Optimize on-page elements

Your on-page elements must be optimized for SEO to help your site rank higher. 

Start by making sure your website loads quickly. Page load speed has a direct impact on bounce rates. The longer your site takes to load, the more people will bounce. This sends a bad signal to search engines and can negatively affect your rankings.

So limit HTTP requests and the use of external scripts to speed up your site. Also, use techniques like lazy loading and image minification to ensure visuals do not slow down your site. You should also use the best web hosting for search engine optimization to enhance your site speed.

The other thing you need to do is create a responsive website. Considering that 75% of internet users prefer mobile-friendly websites, it’s a big opportunity for your business to reach a wide audience and boost conversion rates. Also, keep in mind that mobile responsiveness is a ranking factor.

So, work with your website design and development team to ensure your site works correctly on mobile devices. If you’re using website templates, choose one that’s responsive. Users should interact with your website content without having to scroll horizontally. 

Seo tips blog image2

Short URLs and header tags like H1, H2s, H3s, and H4s boost your on-page SEO. Moreover, create compelling title tags and meta descriptions, keeping both short. 

Add descriptive image names and alt text to your images. These will make your images more discoverable and appear on search results. 

Adding internal and external links also helps a great deal for on-page SEO. They help search engines understand what a page is about and further boost their search ranking.

Lastly, you can add structured data and schema markup to your website. This makes it easier for search engines to interpret the content on your site and display rich results. 

You can use structured data to display critical information about your construction business operations, like opening hours, telephone numbers, customer reviews, etc. These are all very critical for local SEO.

4. Connect your social media profiles

Finally, include your social media profiles on your website as part of your SEO campaigns. Social platforms will help boost web traffic by directing relevant audiences to your website. They also boost brand awareness, which can result in increased branded searches.

You can place social media icons at the top and bottom of each page (header and footer) as clickable logos of each social media platform. These lead to your social media profiles, where site visitors can connect with you. This can help you get more Instagram followers, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers, boosting your online presence further. 

Here’s how one construction company does it:

Seo tips blog image3

A.P Excavation & Landscaping LLC

You should also include social media sharing buttons at the top, bottom, or sidebar of your blog posts. Alternatively, you can add a floating social media sharing button for easy access. This makes it easier for site visitors to share your content on their social profiles when they find the blog useful. 

In closing

To wrap up, we’ve gone through four key tips for boosting SEO for construction companies. First, create high-quality content for your service pages. Use photos, videos, and unique text to create a good impression on your ideal customers and search engines alike. Regularly update the service pages with the latest information and necessary design changes.

Next, optimize on-page elements like site speed and website responsiveness. Finally, connect the social media profiles of your construction business to your website. That way, prospective customers can find and easily share your profiles and valuable content with their followers.

It’s now time for you to put these tips to use on your construction company website. You’ll get notable results that will boost your search engine rankings and grow your revenue. To your success! 

Matt Diggity is a search engine optimization expert and the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, and LeadSpring LLC. He is also the host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

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