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Project Pho­tos on Your Web­site: 3 Rea­sons To Make It Happen


There are a lot of rea­sons why you as a con­trac­tor should fea­ture project pho­tos on your web­site, includ­ing show­cas­ing your best work, keep­ing peo­ple on your web­site longer (up that SEO score!), and build­ing trust with new clients.

We get it. You’ve been hus­tling on behalf of your con­tract­ing busi­ness since Day One. You’ve invest­ed blood, sweat, and tears to cre­ate a port­fo­lio of qual­i­ty projects, and you’re proud of your work. But you con­sis­tent­ly have to drudge up more blood, sweat, and tears to build trust with new clients. They can’t see the strong foun­da­tion your team has already built.

But what if they could?

What if future cus­tomers could view your best projects before they hired you? What if they could take tours of the roofs, bath­rooms, paint jobs, and land­scap­ing of which you are most proud?

Since there is a high like­li­hood that you are WAY TOO BUSY to become a tour guide (and that your past clients would throw shade on the idea of you walk­ing strangers through their homes), your busi­ness is going to have to rely on pho­tos. And where is Google going to take a poten­tial cus­tomer when they’re search­ing for a ser­vice like yours?

Your web­site.

Rea­son #1: Show­case Your Project Photos

If you’re like most con­trac­tors, you’re already tak­ing job site pho­tos, at min­i­mum for insur­ance pur­pos­es. But there are a lot of oth­er uses for those pho­tos, besides sav­ing you some dough on claims — and mar­ket­ing your busi­ness is one of them.

Pho­tos are pow­er­ful lit­tle suck­ers. They com­mu­ni­cate to your brain in a nano-sec­ond (don’t quote me, but it’s some­thing like that) what it would take much longer for some­one to explain ver­bal­ly. They can also trig­ger an emo­tion­al response or help you remember.

But most impor­tant to your busi­ness, stud­ies have shown that visu­als (a.k.a. your project pho­tos) can help peo­ple make deci­sions.

This dude is cur­rent­ly research­ing con­trac­tors… and guess who he’s choosing?!

Some of the eas­i­est, cheap­est, and most impact­ful mar­ket­ing pieces are your project pho­tos — the ones you take both before and after com­ple­tion. They visu­al­ly ver­i­fy that you are good at your job. They also tell your poten­tial cus­tomers that you care about your work.

A pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words — and when you’re look­ing for a great painter or a capa­ble roofer, pho­tos are bet­ter than even your neighbor’s recommendation.

Rea­son #2: Improve Your Web­site SEO

You’re a busy con­trac­tor, so we know you don’t have a lot of time to be think­ing about opti­miz­ing your web­site for search engines. (Leave it to the nerds, amirite?) But did you know that one sim­ple way to improve your SEO score is to keep peo­ple on your web­site longer? And one easy way to do that is to give them more to browse while they’re there.

The more project pho­tos that are present on your web­site, the more time a poten­tial client will spend dig­ging through them. They don’t want to give their mon­ey to just any­one, so they are going to sit down before work or after din­ner to sift, study, and compare. 

Some­how, all that time on your site mag­i­cal­ly trans­lates into a bet­ter search rank­ing. (Don’t ask us, ask the nerds.) And with an improved SEO score, more peo­ple are like­ly to find your web­site at the top of the page when they type in land­scap­ers in Ken­tucky.” (…or what­ev­er it is that you do. *wink*)

Rea­son #3: Build Trust With New Clients

We men­tioned it at the begin­ning, but build­ing trust with poten­tial clients is prob­a­bly the most impor­tant rea­son to have project pho­tos on your website. 

Just think about it: Joe Schmo is new to the area and wants to hire a land­scap­er to remove all the riv­er rock from the beds in his front yard. When he search­es for land­scap­ers in Ken­tucky,” your busi­ness and one more pop up as the first two on that page. 

Your web­site has a writ­ten descrip­tion of your ser­vices and a few nice pho­tos. Your competitor’s site has a very sim­i­lar writ­ten descrip­tion and a slideshow of their top ten projects, start-to-fin­ish — and, GIRL, those project pho­tos look noi­i­i­i­i­i­ice! Who do you think new­bie-to-the-area Joe Schmo is going to choose? 

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Sounds like you’re ready to put more pho­tos on your web­site.

But What if I Don’t Have a Website?”

Again, we get it. You’ve been hus­tling on behalf of your busi­ness since Day One (yada, yada), so build­ing a web­site was prob­a­bly not at the top of your pri­or­i­ty list. Even if you were to start tak­ing job site pho­tos, you don’t have any­where to show­case them. Or your web­site is so old, you’re not sure where to start. Maybe it’s time to change that.

There are a lot of sim­ple web­site-build­ing tools out there, but if you’re look­ing for some­thing more tai­lored and pro­fes­sion­al, you can tap one of CompanyCam’s part­ners to help you.

Webrun­ner is a con­trac­tor-focused mar­ket­ing ser­vice that can build and design web pages that dri­ve lead con­ver­sion for your busi­ness. Your Web Pro, also tar­get­ing con­trac­tors, can take your old-school web­site and con­vert it into a show­room for your business.

And once that web­site is up and run­ning, what bet­ter way to start gath­er­ing project pho­tos than with your friend­ly olé’ neigh­bor­hood pho­to doc­u­men­ta­tion app for con­trac­tors? (*cough* Com­pa­ny­Cam *cough*)

Get those pretty photos on your website.

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