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About Michael

Michael spends his time helping contractors win with a wide array of tips, tricks, and procedures.

teacher, coach, leader

Meet Michael

Michael Gogan leads the education efforts at CompanyCam, a photo documentation and jobsite communication tool for contractors. Michael has a passion for problem solving and brings that passion to every conversation, presentation, and trade show he participates in with contractors, no matter the industry 

After spending nearly a decade as a teacher, coach, and athletic director, Michael now spends his time helping contractors win with a wide array of tips, tricks, and procedures. His unique mix of industry knowledge and education experience creates a perfect learning environment for contractors from all industries. 

Michael has presented at shows and conferences across the United States, including United Aqua Group, Penntek, Storm Ventures Group, Hail Trace Forecast, Catalyst Summit, Success Group International, and more.

Speaking Topics

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  • More for Less: How To Get The Most From Your Marketing Budget Utilize social media channels, what skills you need to market your business on your own, and when you should turn to a third party to take the wheel. 
  • Value Over Price: How To More Effectively Sell and Market Your Business Is price the most important factor? Learn what your sales team should lead with and how to differentiate your business from the get-go.
  • Creating Raving Fans through Communication & Documentation: Explore how thorough documentation and clear communication can turn customers into fans and advocates for your business. Covering everything from building rapport all the way to collecting reviews and getting more referrals.
Gogan Marketing

Team Culture Illustration

Team Culture

  • Would You Want To Work Here: The Importance of Company Culture: Dive into what a work culture really is, why it’s so important to establish early on, and how it can go wrong. Learn how to build a solid team culture, foster greater collaboration, and increase employee retention and satisfaction. 
  • How to Implement New Tech in Your Company:
    There’s no avoiding technology in the workplace in this day and age, but how do you determine which tech is worth the time & monetary investment, and which is just a shiny distraction. Learn how to better implement tech across your organization and how to ensure folks actually use it on the job.

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    The Contractors’ Playbook.

    CompanyCam’s own Michael Gogan hosts this must-listen podcast for contractors, business owners, and leaders. He talks with folks in the industry and gets real about their successes, failures, and lessons learned.

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