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Why It’s Important to Take Photos on the Job

Documenting what happens on job sites is crucial. Knowing what’s going on at each site and being able to see what’s taking place is extremely important not just for organizational purposes, but for insurance claims and for customers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and documenting what’s happening on site is extremely valuable. CompanyCam does a great job of making sure you’re covered, whether it’s an insurance claim or a Facebook post.

Here are four reasons why taking photos on every job site is worth your time.

Keep Guys In The Office In The Loop

You’ve got jobs all over the place and not enough time in the day to drive to every single one and check in. Having your guys on site take photos and document everything as it happens is the best way for you to stay on top of all your projects at once.

Taking photos of everything on site helps speed up the decision-making process and can save you major time.


Keep Projects On Track

All photos taken in CompanyCam are time stamped so you know exactly when your guys arrived at a job and started working. Having all the photos from jobs placed into the chronological feed enables you to oversee all your projects, keeping everything on schedule and on budget.

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Cover Your Ass

Have you ever been blamed for damage that your team didn’t cause? Taking photos before you begin work and after your team is finished is the best way to ensure you’re not unfairly blamed for damage on a client’s property.

Having time and location stamped photo evidence of what the property looked like before and after your team completed their work gives you peace of mind that your company won’t be falsely accused of any damages.


Free Marketing Material

Taking your own photos of work your company is doing is a great way to gather content to post on your social media channels and website. CompanyCam makes it super easy to format before and after photos with our Before and After Camera. It guides you on how to take the perfect after’ and then gives you tons of layouts to choose from, and each layout has your logo prominently displayed!

When you’re in the business of visual transformations, showing photos of your work is your most powerful marketing tool — use it!


Taking photos on the job might seem foreign at first, or even like a waste of precious time, but it’s worth it. The time spent driving back and forth, the headache of trying to organize random photos from different workers and crews, the pain of dealing with damage claims are all things of the past when you take photos on your sites with CompanyCam. Once you and your crew try it, we know you’ll be hooked. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what we’re talking about for yourself.

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