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8 Construction Apps You Need to Know

CompanyCam 8 Construction Apps You Need to Know

There is an app for anything. Searching for the right construction or contractor app will present many options. But which one fits your current business needs? CompanyCam is one of those apps but there are also so many others!

We’ve got a great place to start. We’ve highlighted eight construction apps to know about that offer various solutions. This list can be your construction software starting point from time-tracking to photo documentation, safety, scheduling, and more. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s go. 


With Buildertrend, you get a feature-rich comprehensive solution for your business’s specialty. 

Whether you’re a home builder, remodeler, or manage large construction teams working on various projects, there is a solution inside.

You can manage schedules, customer communication, and budgets at the foundation of it all. These capabilities connect with collaboration tools so you can work as one team and keep things moving in the right direction. 

But there are even more powerful tools to help your business beyond the day-to-day and week-to-week duties. 

Their CRM Hub helps you create, capture, and track essential sales leads. Customizable proposals are at your fingertips as well. You also have access to powerful features like the Estimate feature and Takeoff where you can upload digital blueprints, record measurements, and create accurate estimates more quickly.

With Buildertrend, you can be sure you will complete your project on time and within budget no matter what hurdle you have to clear in the process. 


Finding an excellent timecard app is vital for your team’s productivity, but having one specific to your company is even more critical.

BusyBusy is a do-it-all time-tracking app designed specifically for general construction needs. 

The straightforward interface allows every way you’d ever need to track time. 

Field employees can track labor, materials, completed work, daily reports, safety, and equipment within busybusy’s mobile app. Are you a supervisor? BusyBusy allows you to clock in the entire crew from the app or designate one place for your entire crew to check in themselves. 

The features certainly don’t stop there. You’ve got GPS location tools to monitor work by your crews and equipment, advanced mobile reporting capabilities, payroll tools, timecard signature capabilities, and much more. 

BusyBusy is among the best values in the construction app space. The cost is just $10 per month (per user). 


Photo documentation of a project and a job site is of the utmost importance for more reasons than one.

You want to provide transparency to your customer, ensure that work is getting done across multiple job sites, and have documentation should an issue arise during a project timeline. 

CompanyCam allows you to keep all that photo documentation data organized and accessible in one place. Taking the mess out of your device’s camera roll, CompanyCam makes it easier to track the progress of your projects, identify potential issues, and share progress instantly. 

In addition, CompanyCam comes with a large set of powerful tools, including video walkthrough mode, Community To-Do Lists, PDF Photo Reports, and much more. 

PS: It’s worth mentioning that CompanyCam offers integrations with many of these amazing apps listed here.

Contractor Foreman

This app prioritized being easy to use and has received loads of recognition for its simple, straightforward design and approach. 

Many fantastic project management apps are available, but a user-friendly interface tailored to contractors and the construction industry separates Contractor Foreman from the rest.

You’ve got real-time job tracking at your fingertips. Users can check out the status of their projects with a quick glance, easily share and access all project-related documents and utilize collaboration tools so teams and crew members can be on the same page, working seamlessly. 

Software adoption can be tough to implement, but that’s precisely why Contractor Foreman built a product for app experts and novices alike. Subtract scary out of adoption with a powerful tool that anyone can feel comfortable using, and you get Contractor Foreman. 


As a service professional, you want to maximize communication without wasting valuable time. 

With Jobber, you can dial up your efficiency of estimates, job quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and getting paid for the work. 

Jobber lets you better stay on top of your customer’s needs and requests. That, in turn, will allow you to create more effective quotes, schedule jobs quicker, tighten up the invoicing process, and get paid sooner. 

It’s not just an external solution. 

The robust reporting capabilities clearly show how projects progress so you can jump on bottlenecks and take corrective action before they become serious issues. 

The reporting lets you see team productivity and efficiency and make data-based decisions to improve your business. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the cloud-based functionality ensures instant access to your needs from anywhere. And you have GPS tracking and automatic job site reports to keep things running smoothly across the board. 


Suppose you’re a sizable company and need solutions for project schedules, budgets, submittals, and those requests for information. Procore is a highly comprehensive management app for significant construction business needs. 

There’s a reason Procore is one of the most popular and robust construction management tools on the market. 

From the Pre-Construction phase, you can effectively manage designs, estimates, bids, and budgets across projects, and the best part, all of that sits on this one integrated platform.

Procore also supplies you with tools for quality & safety, financial and workforce management, field productivity, bid management, and many other solutions. 

No matter the area of the business, you can work together with your team, be prepped for every project phase, and work efficiently on the same page. 


Before you start constructing, you’re focused on the pre-construction portion of your project. 

That’s where SmartBid is ready to help push things forward for you. 

Having a streamlined solution to the pre-construction process, such as managing those critical subcontractor bids or other partners needed for the job, is a game-changing proposition. 

SmartBid is one of the top bidding apps in the space due to all the functionality you have to make the beginning stage of any job a success. That includes a template library for custom communications and customized access for subcontractors to your plan room” to check out project documents and submit proposals in one place. 

Plus, SmartBid gives you tools to sort and organize all of your subcontractor data. And you can use a questionnaire builder to help prequalify subcontractors for every job. 


Let’s focus on one critical component of your business: the quote. 

If you could create a beautiful, professional, detailed quote in record time, you’d be interested, right?

SumoQuote promises to deliver the everything-you-need, best-foot-forward quote with lightning-fast speed. With their platform, they aim to reduce the average quote time of your business from 45 minutes to 4.5 minutes. 

You can start with a trade-specific layout, select your photos and project details, annotations, and more. Then you can choose which pages of the quote to keep and which to toss out within your workflow before putting together a Good/​Better/​Best proposal and an easy-to-use e‑sign method for optimal customer deliverability.

Honorable Mention: GasBuddy

To wrap it up, an app for not just construction professionals but everyone!

You’ve got to get from point A to point B, right?

Then you’ll need an app that helps you maximize the fuel to get you and your teams to where you need to be.

There’s nothing overly complicated here. GasBuddy is a simple, free solution that helps 

builders, contractors, and professionals (or any of us that work from the road) find the cheapest gas available. Review information about the stations, their prices, and most importantly, the distance from you. 

Plus, you get automatic updates on gas prices as they fluctuate, see reviews of gas stations, and the ability to participate in challenges that could win you free gas. 

What’s the right construction software for you?

There are many remarkable, powerful, intuitive app solutions for your construction business. 

No two businesses are identical. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution when it comes to choosing the right app or software for your business. 

From documentation, safety, internal and external communication, overall project management, scheduling, and budgeting, there are also a lot of problem-solving app features to consider. On top of that, balancing which construction software fits your needs, budget and offers the right solution is crucial. 

It’s also worth mentioning that many of these fantastic apps also integrate with CompanyCam. That means you can work seamlessly between that awesome CRM or time-tracking solution and your photo documentation app.

We hope this list can be a helpful starting point as you research the long list of robust and business-changing construction app offerings. 

Part of the amazing Content Strategy team at CompanyCam, John is a Senior Content Strategist and focuses on crafting and delivering value to contractors and their businesses through content. When he’s not thinking about the next great idea to share with the world, he enjoys building and playing guitars, working on classic cars/​trucks, playing golf (sometimes well), and spending time with his family.

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