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How to Get HVAC Leads and Grow Your Business


When you think about growing your HVAC business, you should consider how to generate more leads for your business. Without leads, you are not likely to get new customers. And you need to generate plenty of leads because not all HVAC leads convert to paying customers.

When it comes to generating HVAC leads, here are some of the things that can help.

Optimize Your Website

In this day and age, most potential clients are checking out your website first. Even before they call you! If they don’t like what they see on your site — or if they can’t find you online — it’s unlikely you’ll ever get that call. 

This is why it pays to keep your website as optimal as possible. 

Not only does it help to have updated content on your website but having it look good goes a long way! You should invest in a good web designer for a professional look. The best way to think about your website is to consider it as your office reception room. It’s the first impression of your business. It guides their interaction with you from that point onwards.

Publish your photos to your website. Show future clients the work you can do! CompanyCam offers a feature called showcases. Showcases make it easy to publish your CompanyCam project photos. Check out an example below.

Elite Roofing

Elite Roofing uses the CompanyCam showcase feature to attract new clients!

Another way to optimize your website is to ensure all the pages are accessible and are loading fast. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, allowing potential clients to access it even on the go.

There are many platforms and businesses that can help your company website improve. Webrunner is a marketing service that can help drive lead conversation for your business. So can Your Web Pro!

Additional resource: take a look at this contractor checklist on how to optimize your online presence to get more customers!

Online Advertising

As more people go online, online advertising has improved tremendously. The ability to target very specific niches has improved. Online advertising is fast catching up with traditional modes of advertising. Online advertising can target people within your geographical reach. It can also qualify these leads. This makes it more likely that those leads will convert to actual sales! 

For example, your ad can be shown to people who are looking for HVAC service providers in their search engines. 

Online advertising can also target people who have previously used such services in the recent past, ensuring that you are likely to get more conversions.

Digital door knocking has the potential to fill your pipeline!

Utilize Online Reviews

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to lead generation and conversion is online reviews. When people are looking for HVAC service providers, reviews can make or break the available options. Positive reviews go a long way — it shows rapport and appreciation between client and business. 

Potential clients are also more likely to listen to a former client (as opposed to an advertiser). For this reason, make sure reviews are visible on your site. You can get more reviews by incentivizing engagement or sending a questionnaire to clients after each completed job.

NB: Don’t forget to get their permission in writing if you are going to quote them on your website!

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