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Water Cooler Tips: How to Create a Photo Report

Photo reports are an awesome feature of CompanyCam. Our photo reports allow you to take your project photos and share them in a clean, easy, and professional way. Creating photo reports is super easy — all you need is CompanyCam and your laptop/​desktop computer! Here’s how it goes…

First, open the project that you want to take photos from and begin selecting the pictures that you want to share. To select photos, simply hover your mouse over the image and click the circle in the top right corner of the photo. Once you’ve begun selecting photos, a green bar will appear at the top of your window and in that bar there are three options: Actions, Reports, and Share. Hover over Reports and select Create New Report from the drop down. This will open up your new report with the photos you’ve selected. The report will say in In Progress status until you mark it as complete.

Now that you’re in the report, you’ll see places to begin putting in text. You’ll want to title your report first, and then you can begin adding captions or more detailed information or instructions to each photo you selected. Once you’ve finished adding your text to each photo, select Mark Complete at the top of the screen.

From here, you have several options for what you can do with the report you just created. You can either download it as a PDF or you can share it as a link. Sharing as a link allows whoever you’ve shared the report with to view the photos and your notes without editing or messing with what you put in. Downloading as a PDF will allow you to select how many photos per page you want, anywhere from one to four photos depending on the size you want. Once you’ve selected how you want your images laid you, you can generate the report and the PDF will open. The final report will have a title page with your logo, the title and subtitle of the report, along with who created it and when.

Photo reports do away with the hassle of Microsoft Word and Google Docs, struggling to align the text with your images, and endless emails. The best and easiest way to share your project photos with anyone who needs them!

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