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Basic, Pro, or Premium: Which CompanyCam Plan Is the Fit for Me?

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You’re ready for CompanyCam, but you’ve got options regarding which plan fits you and your business. We break down the choices to help you select the right one for your business needs.

You’ve heard all the great things about CompanyCam. It’s the solution you’ve needed, and now you are ready to get started. 

But wait! Which CompanyCam plan is right for you? 

Panic ensues, you freeze up, and don’t move forward with CompanyCam. 

What a sad end to the movie. (Cue the sad orchestral music.) 

Or we could break down the three (3) plans that CompanyCam has available and then choose the one that best suits you and your team’s needs. 

CompanyCam offers three: Basic, Pro, and Premium. Ready to learn about each? Let’s go and positively end the movie that way. (Cue the upbeat, movie ended positively, orchestral music.)

CompanyCam Basic

The Basic plan is the most basic of the three in terms of features offered. (Clever naming, eh?) 

The cool part is that Basic is totally free. 

What’s better than free? How about free and unlimited storage for all the job site photos you’d like to upload? 

That’s right, even with CompanyCam Basic, you can upload as many photos as you’d like. We don’t make you jump into a paid tier to get unlimited storage options like some other software. 

One more cool component — you can start becoming a project master by creating and managing as many as 10 projects. 

You also have the awesome CompanyCam organizational tools you’ve read about, like photo tagging, date/​location stamps, the real-time photo feed, and document scanning. 

Perhaps you and your team are ready to take things up a notch and access even more features to make your life easier. That leads us to Pro …

CompanyCam Pro

You step up to the Pro plan for only $24 per user per month (or $19 per user per month if you pay annually). What are you getting with this new and cool-sounding plan that is short for Professional? 

Pro gives you all the basics in Basic (get it, again, basic?”) and much more. 

For starters, the 10-project max cap is now a thing of the past. Create as many projects as you and your team need. 

With all those photos and projects, you have even more business-changing tools at your fingertips. 

The newest feature for Pro and Premium is Signatures. Now you can gather, request and track signatures without leaving the app. There is no switching back and forth between apps. 

You can now protect your business from liabilities with a secure way to gather signatures for approvals, bids, and much more. And when you collect those Signatures, they’re always at your fingertips, saved in your account with the right CompanyCam project. 

The Pro plan also gives you key software integrations, the ability to create checklists, PDF photo reports, the incredibly important Before & After photo feature, customizable photo galleries, and the ability to capture two-minute-long videos. 

Now you’re thinking, is there anything else that CompanyCam can offer my business? 

Well, there is ONE more plan we need to cover.

CompanyCam Premium

You and your team have sampled CompanyCam and everything that Basic and Pro plans offer.

But now, your business wants to scale its operations without scaling costs. 

That means you need templates to eliminate repeating work and ensure consistency. Whether it’s Project Templates, report templates, or checklist templates, you simply need to optimize workflows to grow your business. 

That’s where CompanyCam Premium comes in.

In addition to all the things offered in Basic and Pro, Premium gives you access to every feature that CompanyCam has. 

So for only an extra $10 per month (per user), you and your team can now grab 4K quality videos, capture videos up to ten minutes in length, and utilize all of those time-saving templates for your team. 

How do templates make an impact? 

Let’s take a look at Project Templates.

Now, you can preload new projects with all the information needed to get your crews and team up to speed before they even step foot on the job site. You can select which Checklists and Reports need to be completed for that particular job, assign users, and get things moving in one fell swoop. 

Templates also provide consistent reporting for your business-critical processes. Maybe most importantly, you’re not wasting time making the same report type repeatedly. 

But wait, we’re not done talking about excellent features in Premium.

The video walkthrough feature (available on iOS devices) utilizes your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously, taking what would be a simple video update and making it feel like a face-to-face meeting.

Photos captured will be in their highest resolution with Premium, and you can upload your company’s logo as a sticker (watermark) on all of those important photos. That way, you’ll always get credit for your work.

And as we mentioned above, if you’re a Pro or Premium user, you now have access to Signatures to keep more of that needed functionality for your business in one app. 

Yes, there’s more. If you’re a Premium plan user, you’ll also get exclusive access to all upcoming CompanyCam features as they’re launched. There’s no waiting for you as nifty new functionality hits the web or mobile app.

Are you already a user but want to know how to get going with CompanyCam Premium? Visit your billing page or email success@​companycam.​com to get started.

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