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Welcome to the CompanyCast! Each week we bring together experts from industries like insurance, law, marketing, sales, and more to help contractors win more jobs, improve their processes, and grow their businesses.

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Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing Pt. 2 (Ft. Jason Wilmont of Hacktics) — #028

Part 2 with Jason Wilmot — digital marketing master from Hacktics! Michael and Jason dive deeper into the digital marketing world, common mistakes contractors make in digital marketing, and more!
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Dec 18, 2020  |  00:37:50

Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing Pt. 2 (Ft. Jason Wilmont of Hacktics) — #028

Part 2 with Jason Wilmot — digital marketing master from Hacktics! Michael and Jason dive deeper into the digital marketing world, common mistakes contractors make in digital marketing, and more!
Dec 14, 2020  |  00:31:10

Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing Pt. 1 (Ft. Jason Wilmont of Hacktics) — #027

Michael is joined by Jason Wilmot of Hacktics. Jason specializes in creating digital marketing materials that actually make a monetary difference to your business. He’s worked with CompanyCam and contractors alike and has some awesome insight you don’t want to miss!
Dec 11, 2020  |  00:28:19

Communication is Key (Ft. John Dye of Art of the Supplement) #026

Michael is joined by John Dye of Art of the Supplement to discuss why your ability to communicate can either make or break your business and your relationships with homeowners, employees, subs, and more.
Dec 4, 2020  |  00:27:40

Building Professional Partnerships (Ft. Luke Jones of GAF Roofing) #025

Michael is joined by Luke Jones of GAF Roofing to give you the lowdown on just how important building strong professional relationships is for you and your business.
Nov 27, 2020  |  00:30:50

Steering the Ship (Ft. Danny Kerr of Breakthrough Academy) #024

Michael is joined by Danny Kerr, CEO of Breakthrough Academy, to discuss the importance of steering your ship” in the right direction, taking time for yourself as a leader, and maintaining solid boundaries. Check out this awesome discussion!
Nov 20, 2020  |  00:25:25

Consistency is Key (Ft. Matt Danskin of Restoration Referral System) #023

When it comes to building a business, consistency is your best friend. There are always a lot of moving parts, but Matt says creating an efficient process & keeping up with new technology is a great place to start. // Michael is joined this week by Matt Danskin with Restoration Referral System.
Nov 13, 2020  |  00:36:52

Website Essentials (Ft. Brian Fontana of Your Web Pro) #022

Michael and Brian Fontana of Your Web Pro discuss the importance of a clean, clear website for your contracting business and how things like online showrooms can make their websites even more sticky for potential customers.”
Oct 30, 2020  |  00:25:33

Creating Unique Value for Your Customers (Ft. Ryan Shantz of SumoQuote) #020

Competition is raging within the roofing and exterior industry — standing out is a challenge. Although the price is a factor, Ryan & Michael discuss how quality not only has better leverage but is what will set your business apart. Listen to this week’s episode for advice on effectively differentiating your company from the others. // Michael is joined this week by Ryan Shantz, Founder of SumoQuote.
Oct 23, 2020  |  00:36:30

Creating a Growth Plan (Ft. Ryan Holiday of iink) #021

Setting big goals is the easy part… Following through is where it gets difficult. That’s why Ryan Holiday emphasizes the importance of creating a growth plan for your business. Keeping track of all progress, big or small, along with all the challenges will help your company tremendously! // Michael is joined this week by Ryan Holiday with iink.
Oct 23, 2020  |  00:29:42

Standing Firm in Your Core Beliefs (Ft. Klark Brown of Alliance of Independent Restorers) #019

Core values separate the good companies from the great. Although exploring these beliefs may not be sexy,” it is crucial to business success. Check out this episode for more information on how to be brave and turn down unfruitful jobs. // Michael is joined this week by Klark Brown, from Alliance of Independent Restorers.
Oct 9, 2020  |  00:28:16

Creating Powerful Moments & Building Trust (Ft. Matt Grassmeyer of Hail Trace) #017

If you want to create powerful moments with your customers, you MUST create them for your employees first. Listen along to hear why trust and honesty are critical when looking for referrals & establishing company loyalty. // Michael is joined this week by Matt Grassmeyer, the Director of Operations at Hailtrace.
Oct 2, 2020  |  00:32:04

Positioning is Everything (Ft. Stan Bastek of Atlas Roofing-Shingles) #016

Is baking in extra fees an asset to the growth & reputation of your company? As Taco Bout It Season 3 kicks off, we address the elephant in the room — how much is too much? Listen in to hear more about customer urgency, added company value, and the ability to scale. // Michael is joined this week by Stan Bastek, the National Sales Director at Atlas Roofing-Shingles.
Jun 15, 2020  |  00:49:50

Answers to all your Xactimate Questions #015

Michael Gogan sits down with Alena Wilson from XM8 Mastery on the CompanyCast to go over all the Xactimate questions that you can’t wait to get answered.
Jun 5, 2020  |  00:45:16

Documenting Your Job Like A Crime Scene #014

If you took the time and effort to document all of your jobs as thoroughly as crime scene photographers, would the return on that hard work be worth it? How much could you earn in maximized claims? // This episode of the CompanyCast features Jeremy Gilstrap of Dreamworks Restoration Contractors.
Jun 2, 2020  |  00:40:50

Bracing For A Recession #013

Michael is joined on the CompanyCast by Todd Dawalt of the Construction Leading Edge Podcast to discuss what measures contracting companies should be taking to prepare for a down economy.
May 29, 2020  |  00:27:40

Everything You Need To Know About Business Interruption Claims #012

Has your contracting business been interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis or another major interruption? Tune in as Michael is joined by Zach Moseley from McClenny, Moseley, and Associates; and John Wood from Green Klein Trial Law as they answer all of your business interruption claims questions.
May 28, 2020  |  00:41:53

Protecting Your Business With Proper Insurance #011

Join Michael and our friend Mervyn Salas from Roofers choice insurance as they discuss why it is so important to have the RIGHT insurance for your business and what you need to understand about your policy.
May 22, 2020  |  00:55:19

State Of The Industry Round Table #010

Nolan Painting, KangaRoof, & Soderburg Roofing all sit at the proverbial round table to discuss how COVID-19 is effecting the contracting industry and what steps smart business owners should be taking.
May 19, 2020  |  01:06:46

Digital Door Knocking #009

Is there a more effective way to drum up new business than sending your crew door-to-door? Utilizing the power of Facebook advertising, this episode will deep dive into how you can target your messaging, attract new clients, and use your ad spend effectively. // Michael is joined this week by Nick Small, the Head of Marketing Acquisition at CompanyCam.
May 15, 2020  |  00:59:17

Game Changing Sales Strategies #008

What are you supposed to do when business as usual is anything but? Well, you’ve gotta adjust course, problem solve, and do right by your people, your customers, and yourself. // Michael is joined on this episode of the CompanyCast by Sam Taggart of D2D Experts to talk about how to pivot the way you sell in weird times.
May 12, 2020  |  00:49:58

Making Savvy Financial Decisions In A Coronavirus Economy #007

Making Savvy Financial Decisions In A Coronavirus Economy #007 by CompanyCam
May 8, 2020  |  00:42:02

Managing Your Team Digitally #006

We’ve all had to make the move to zoom meetings and virtual offices. How can you help your team thrive in a new digital work environment? // Michal is joined by Pete McKendrick, Customer Success and Business Development Manager at Job Progress to discuss how to manage your team digitally.
May 5, 2020  |  00:42:36

Q&A About COVID-19 and the Industry Ft. Pate Smith of MMA #005

Pate Smith joins Michael on this episode of the CompanyCast to discuss the state of the contracting industry during the COVID-19 lockdown. // Pate Smith is the Vice President of Marketing at McClenny, Moseley, & Associates.
May 1, 2020  |  01:03:50

Leading In Times Of Uncertainty #004

How do great leaders help their businesses and teams weather tough times, big storms and season of crisis? Michael is joined by an expert panel to discuss the answer to that question. // Panel features leaders like Luke Hansen — Founder and CEO of CompanyCam, Pate Smith — VP of Marketing at McClenny, Moseley & Associates, Paul Reed — Owner & President of North West Roofing, and Derik Kline — CEO of Hail Trace
Apr 28, 2020  |  01:00:32

Marketing in a Time of Social Distancing #003

Join us on this episode of CompanyCast, where Michael and friends discuss marketing changes your business can adapt right away to set yourself up for success during the COVID-19 shutdown // Panel Experts include Joseph Hughes from Contractor Dynamics and Hunter Ballew from Cornerstone Construction & ROOFCON.
Apr 24, 2020  |  01:00:52

Navigating A Coronavirus Economy #002

Michael is joined by Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy to discuss how your contracting business can plan for, adopt, and thrive in this new economic reality and how you can recession-proof your business for the future.
Apr 13, 2020  |  01:31:44

Selling in a Time of Social Distancing #001

On the inaugural episode of the CompanyCast, Michael tackles how to keep your contracting business going during a global pandemic.

This episode features special guests; Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro, Benny Fisher of Big Fish Contracting Company, Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group, Derik Kline from Hailtrace, and Ryan Shantz from Sumoquote.

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