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Why Accountability Is Critical for Business Success

Why accountability is critical for business success header

Whether starting out on your own or with a dependable partner (or a few), one thing’s for sure: Starting a business is tough stuff. What can make it even more difficult? Not knowing what you don’t know.

While you may have the know-how for the technical aspects of the business, that doesn’t mean you have all the answers to running a successful business (at least not yet).

I had the chance to sit down with Robert Clinkenbeard of The Radix Group, a company that helps business owners overcome challenges facing their businesses. Robert, a Certified Scaling Up coach and EOS advisor, had a lot of knowledge to share. Starting with…

Four main challenges businesses face:

  • People
  • Lack of Cash to Grow
  • Lack of Business Strategy
  • Poor Execution

Working with his team at The RADIX Group, Robert helps businesses create roadmaps on how to scale their business with the end destination being a built out exit strategy. 

[The Radix Group provides] tremendous experience and vast knowledge,” Robert replied. We have nine team members with tremendous experience of supporting small or large organizations to become highly profitable and help position our clients for the best success possible.”

Four Simple Contractor Business Steps

Set up for success? Vast knowledge to help scale a business? He had me curious! Robert recommends 4 simple steps for contractor business success:

  1. Identify your Core Customer”
  2. Hire A” Players
  3. Build Great Company Culture — a Destination Company
  4. Build in Goals, KPI’s, and Defining Processes

When it’s listed out, it looks deceivingly easy. With labor shortages, employee retention, and increased labor and material costs in the air it can’t be that simple, right? With their help it is. Robert and his team help business leaders develop clear structures to combat those challenges. 

Business owners need to hire great people,” Robert says. The goal should be 80%+ A’ players. […] Owner and leadership team can get into alignment through annual strategic planning to prepare for building out their 3, 5, and 10-year goals.” 

Once all that’s done, though? It’s time for accountability to be set in place for owners of each priority with 90-day goals set with Key Performance Indicators.” Now that’s some solid follow-through!

Increase communication internally and externally, reduce liability, and provide value to their clients with coaching and documentation. The question then becomes: how to document. Well, according to Robert, CompanyCam has an arsenal of tools to aid business owners in their quest to scale their businesses and achieve their goals. 

Documentation on a job site goes a long way. Your crews will thank you!

What does CompanyCam offer? 

When asked what CompanyCam has to offer, Robert said, I like the way it centralizes all of the important documentation that is needed to make sure a job goes smoothly.” Us too, Robert! 

The best CompanyCam feature is the photo tagging. This allows [the clients] to provide real-time feedback of every job that’s being done.” Not to mention, it helps ease the monitoring when it comes to jobs, whether that be in landscaping, construction, restoration, you name it! Everyone is on the same page in order to achieve the optimal result from a job.”

I asked Robert: If someone was on the fence about using CompanyCam, what do your contractors risk if choosing to go without? 

This product is an additional cost but the benefits far outweigh the investment. It protects companies from external liabilities or insurance claims, but also protects from internal challenges, such as workers compensation claims, miscommunication, and lots of lengthy and time consuming debates with clients.”

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Robert!

Besides needing CompanyCam, you may need a business coach, too. Check out The Radix Group to see if there’s an area of your business that could benefit from their services. And if you haven’t yet, get started using CompanyCam today with a sweet deal provided courtesy of Robert and his team at com​pa​ny​cam​.com/​r​a​d​i​x​group

As one of the business development representatives at CompanyCam, Nicole spends her time building and nurturing partner relationships, enhancing partner network experiences through content creation, and traveling around the country to attend trade shows. 

Outside of work, Nicole can be found with a book in hand or with an audiobook playing, doing some DIY project around her house (some more intense than others), or elbow-deep in dough for a new baking experiment.

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