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Water Cooler Tips: The New Referral Program

We’ve got some more water cooler tips for you! This week we’re talking about how you can get some freebies just for sharing CompanyCam with a friend.

We recently revamped our referral program and we love sending mystery boxes out so much, we’ve made it super easy for you to get your hands on one of these bad boys. 

Simply open up your CompanyCam app, go to the menu, and hit that colorful, bright mystery box icon at the bottom. From that screen you can send anyone and everyone in your contacts your unique CompanyCam referral URL

We use that URL to track who referred who, so make sure your buddies sign up through that link! 

From there, after they’ve completed their free trial and have fallen in love with CompanyCam (because duh, why wouldn’t they?) they’ll toss us their payment information and we’ll send a mystery box on its merry way to your doorstep. 

Easy, right?

So get referring! You’ve got friends who can use CompanyCam and we’ve got free stuff to giveaway. 

If you have any helpful tips or tricks you’ve come across while using CompanyCam, send them our way! We’d love to hear the fun and unique ways you use the app.

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