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Intro­duc­ing The New (And Improved) Com­pa­ny­Cam Refer­ral Program

Big news alert! We’ve recent­ly intro­duced an excit­ing change to our refer­ral program.

It makes our day when our cus­tomers love Com­pa­ny­Cam so much they tell their friends about it, and we wouldn’t dream of let­ting that go unrewarded.

Now when you refer some­one to Com­pa­ny­Cam and they become a pay­ing cus­tomer, we’ll send you a hand-curat­ed Mys­tery Box full of assort­ed swag. We’ve already sent out loads of free stuff, includ­ing Yeti tum­blers, Amer­i­can Eagle float­ie koozies, hats, shirts, bot­tle open­ers and more.

Check out this rockin’ duo show­ing off their swag from a Mys­tery Box we recent­ly sent out!


Here’s what hap­pens to get free stuff deliv­ered right to your door:

  1. Share Com­pa­ny­Cam with your best friend, pro­fes­sion­al net­work or oth­er contractors.
  2. Encour­age them to keep using Com­pa­ny­Cam after the 14 day trial.
  3. Once they become a pay­ing cus­tomer, we’ll send you the goods!

Refer­ring some­one to Com­pa­ny­Cam is easy. Just open the app, go to your Pro­file, tap the set­tings wheel in the top right cor­ner, and select Refer Com­pa­ny­Cam” in the menu. 

From there, tap Share Com­pa­ny­Cam,” and send the link via text or email, or blast it out to your social media followers.

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