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Introducing The New (And Improved) CompanyCam Referral Program


2022 Update: There is a new CompanyCam referral as of April of 2022. And it’s AWESOME🔥. Check out all the details here: CompanyCam Closers.

Big news alert! We’ve recently introduced an exciting change to our referral program.

It makes our day when our customers love CompanyCam so much they tell their friends about it, and we wouldn’t dream of letting that go unrewarded.

Now when you refer someone to CompanyCam and they become a paying customer, we’ll send you a hand-curated Mystery Box full of assorted swag. We’ve already sent out loads of free stuff, including Yeti tumblers, American Eagle floatie koozies, hats, shirts, bottle openers and more.

Check out this rockin’ duo showing off their swag from a Mystery Box we recently sent out!


Here’s what happens to get free stuff delivered right to your door:

  1. Share CompanyCam with your best friend, professional network or other contractors.
  2. Encourage them to keep using CompanyCam after the 14 day trial.
  3. Once they become a paying customer, we’ll send you the goods!

Referring someone to CompanyCam is easy. Just open the app, go to your Profile, tap the settings wheel in the top right corner, and select Refer CompanyCam” in the menu. 

From there, tap Share CompanyCam,” and send the link via text or email, or blast it out to your social media followers.

Nick leads the charge for the marketing department, which provides a consistent pipeline of leads for the sales team and grows the overall awareness of the company. From digital ads to content creation, he’s done it all at CompanyCam and brings a ton of strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills to the table. Nick also enjoys golfing, drinking the dankest IPAs, and complaining about minor inconveniences. 

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