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The Secret Sauce to Better Contractor Communication

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Communication is almost as important as the materials on the job site. If you want to ensure everyone working on the project is on the same page, effective communication is critical. It will decrease the chances of delays, mistakes, and misunderstandings. But contractors, who have a lot on their plate, can struggle communicating transparency and consistently with employees and clients.

CompanyCam is the answer to all your problems*!!

*Okay maybe not all your problems. But all your job site communication problems!

CompanyCam helps contractors improve their job site communication in four major ways:

1. Visual Communication

CompanyCam gives its users the ability to facilitate visual communication. The app makes it easy to take photos and videos within a project. All these job site photos/​videos can be annotated and marked up to bring better clarity. 

The media is easily shareable through gallery timeline links. This means everyone is in the loop about what’s happening on the job site — reducing mistakes and misunderstandings.

2. Improved Collaboration

CompanyCam allows contractors to collaborate easier with their employees and clients. On the app, you’re also able to create groups that give them access to the corresponding photos, videos, and projects. Collaborators are able to create comments and annotations, and tag other team members for quick feedback. Everyone can be on the same page since everything is in one centralized location.

3. Efficient Project Management

CompanyCam does a whole lot more than just help with job site communication. All photos are geotagged and time-stamped, enabling an easy solution for time tracking! Clock in and out by simply taking a photo. Get proof you showed up to the project 10 minutes early!

Photos taken in CompanyCam also record who took this photo. This brings an additional layer of transparency into the mix! Keep track of job site progress AND crew members. 

4. Better Customer Service

Using CompanyCam improves customer satisfaction because clients are in the loop. Homeowners trust their contractors and believe they’re getting the best deal. Crew members feel the same way!

Eliminating room for error allows for better working relationships, team accountability, and intentional transparency.

With everything stored in one centralized hub, CompanyCam helps contractors improve their communication with clients and employees. Collaborating with subcontractors has never been easier because everyone is on the same page! CompanyCam streamlines communication processes and maximizes project outcomes.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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