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QuickBooks Online + CompanyCam: Integration Announcement

Quickbooks online companycam integration announcement header

Like any good, modern relationship, we soft-launched our integration with QuickBooks Online a few months ago. But now that we’ve added photos to the functionality, we’re ready to let everyone know:

QuickBooks Online™ and CompanyCam now integrate!

Feel comfortable with integrations? Skip this blog and connect it now. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

How the QuickBooks Online and CompanyCam Integration Works

This simple, powerful software integration streamlines your tasks on both platforms, so you can spend less energy on data entry and more on your business operations:

  • Automatically create CompanyCam Projects from a QuickBooks Online Customer, Estimate, or Invoice.

  • Select photos to send from a CompanyCam Project to an Estimate, Invoice, or Customer record.

  • Sync QuickBooks Online Estimates and Invoices to your Documents in a CompanyCam project.

Labels are added to CoCam Projects as actions happen in QuickBooks Online (e.g., Estimate Attached, Invoice Attached, and QuickBooks Online Customer), so your team working in CompanyCam can see where things are at a glance.

Quickbooks online companycam integration announcement 1

And those who work primarily in QuickBooks Online can jump to the CompanyCam project from the Notes section of the QuickBooks Online record to see what’s happening on the job.

How to Connect QuickBooks Online and CompanyCam

To connect these two software, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab in CompanyCam
  2. Locate the QuickBooks Online card
  3. Click Connect and Continue
  4. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account
  5. Marvel at how little time it took

A much-requested feature by QuickBooks Online and CompanyCam users was the ability to lock the Invoices and Estimates that automatically sync to CompanyCam.

If you lock invoices, only users with Admin and Manager permissions in your CompanyCam account can see them in Documents, not Standard or Restricted users.

Why You Should Use This Integration

In short, it’ll make your work life a heckuva lot simpler.

In a list, here are some of the biggest benefits of this integration:

  • Streamlined workflow. You no longer have to download photos from CompanyCam to your desktop and then upload them to your QuickBooks Online records.
  • Detailed documentation. Add your job site photos to proposals and invoices so your customer knows what you’ll do, what you’ve done, and what they paid for.
  • Smoother operations. You eliminate the risk of data entry or clerical errors and duplicate projects.
  • Quick access. Instantly access estimates and invoices inside of CompanyCam and CompanyCam projects from QuickBooks Online.
  • Instant sign-offs. If you have CompanyCam Signatures, your techs and team in the field can get signatures on synced QuickBooks Online documents.

If you have questions about this integration — or any of our 50+ others — chat with our support team in CompanyCam. They’ll help you resolve any issues you may run into.

What integrations do you want to see next?

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