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NEW Com­pa­ny­Cam Before and After Templates

Let’s take it back for a minute. 

About this time last year, I was sit­ting in our hum­ble Com­pa­ny­Cam office prepar­ing for the launch of our Before and After Cam­era. It was an excit­ing time. The whole office was abuzz with anticipation.

Okay, not real­ly. But it was still excit­ing! We were get­ting ready to unveil our first *mega fea­ture* and we were all pret­ty stoked to get it in front of actu­al customers.

Fast for­ward a year.

The Before and After Cam­era has been in the hands of liv­ing, breath­ing con­trac­tors for almost an entire cal­en­dar year. Wow, time flies when you’re dili­gent­ly doc­u­ment­ing the trans­for­ma­tion of your job sites, right?

Our cus­tomers have tak­en, lit­er­al­ly, tens of thou­sands of before & after shots, shared them on every social plat­form under the sun, and made count­less cus­tomers hap­py in the past year.

We think that’s some­thing to cel­e­brate, don’t you?

So, in hon­or of the Before and After Cam­era com­ing into this world a year ago, we decid­ed to give all our cus­tomers a lit­tle some­thin’ some­thin’ to celebrate.

Drum roll, please.

New lay­outs!!


You heard it here first, folks. More than TWEN­TY (!!!!) new lay­outs are now avail­able for you to use in CompanyCam!

When inspi­ra­tion strikes at Com­pa­ny­Cam, we don’t half-ass it. No sir, whole-ass­ing only.

So when we decid­ed it was time for a refresh of the Before and After tem­plates, we went hog wild.


We came up with some clas­sics, some fun­ny, some tru­ly bizarre, and some that should nev­er see the light of day. Only the cream of the crop made it to your phone, and we can’t wait to see how beau­ti­ful all your trans­for­ma­tion pho­tos look in these fan­cy new frames.

We’re pret­ty excit­ed about these new lay­outs, but if we removed one of your tried and true favorites, don’t be scared to shoot us a mes­sage and let us know! Going for­ward, we’ll be con­stant­ly updat­ing, adding, and remov­ing tem­plates based on cus­tomer use and what we think will best show off your awe­some work.

So snap em, post em, and make sure to tag us so we can share em too!

We’re thrilled that Com­pa­ny­Cam is mak­ing con­trac­tors’ lives a lit­tle eas­i­er, and even more excit­ed that our new Before and After tem­plates will help show off your busi­ness and make you more money!

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