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Integration Announcement: CompanyCam + ser​vice​minder​.io

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We’re excited to announce our latest integration with! is an award-winning field service management platform built for managing and operating home service franchises. From sale to service and follow-up, helps franchisors and business owners acquire and grow their customer base with easy-to-use tools, including interactive proposals, fleet mapping, and automated customer communication.

To use this integration, make sure you have an active account with both platforms and proper permission levels to set it up. After connecting the two, you can begin to use photos you’ve taken in CompanyCam to use to build proposals in

Check out how the integration works!

If you’re more of a reader, this help doc has all the info you need to get started.

To celebrate this integration occasion, we’re offering customers who are not using CompanyCam can get a 14-day free trial AND 50% off their first two months of CompanyCam.

Want to explore other CompanyCam integrations? Check out our complete list of partners.

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