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How To Sell More Roofs — A Conversation With Integrity Roofing


CompanyCam is Jeremy’s secret weapon to selling more roofs. When Jeremy’s team is using CompanyCam, everyone is on the same page” and customers are impressed.”

As a roofing contractor, an important question to ask is: how do I market my roofing company? Staying on top of projects, employees, coworkers, and clients is overwhelming as it is. Where does one have the capacity to market the business, too?

The first step to better market your roofing company is to create a process for documentation. Photo documentation is the key to having marketing content to promote. And it establishes accountability and transparency throughout your business process. As an app, CompanyCam helps with that.

The CompanyCam app opens the doors to more thorough documentation on your projects. Better documentation means better communication with your team and with your clients. Better communication means more referrals. More referrals means easier, more organic marketing.

Jeremy Mauck has been using CompanyCam for over a year. Before using CompanyCam as his roofing software, Jeremy struggled to communicate effectively with his clients. He often felt frustrated by his company’s photo documentation process.

Read the interview below to see how Jeremy uses CompanyCam to engage clients, communicate with his crew, and reduce costs.

What was your photo documentation system like before CompanyCam? And what made you want to try CompanyCam?

Before CompanyCam, it was just Google photos. I’d build a folder, go out, take photos, put a file together, and send it off. But a lot of the carriers couldn’t accept our folders and files because they were encrypted. 

Either I couldn’t open it, or they couldn’t open it. It was a pain in the butt! Then you’d try to get the images sent through email. But you can only send so much that way.

I don’t remember who suggested CompanyCam to us, but I think I saw something on Facebook. We decided to give it a shot. 

I absolutely love CompanyCam and couldn’t imagine doing business without it now.

What about CompanyCam do you love?

I love that you can have everybody on the same page. You can add as many users as you need.

At work, we have a lot of moving parts.

We have a guy that supplements for us, so he needs to see the pictures and take pictures. The office then needs to see those pictures. We have a quality control guy. He goes out and he takes pictures of what’s going on and the final product.

All our salespeople have access to our job site photos. Insurance companies sometime say,​“Hey, take some pictures and send them over.” Our team then just opens CompanyCam, selects the right photos, puts them in a PDF report, and then sends them to the insurance company. It’s very user-friendly.

I like that you can add comments, draw on the pictures, and edit them. You can tag whoever you want, too.

I couldn’t imagine doing business without CompanyCam now.

I couldn’t imagine doing business without CompanyCam now.

We have a carpenter that works for us. Because we also do gutter work, we can take pictures and send them to him. 

The whole concept and idea of CompanyCam is great. I love that it’s all on one platform and anybody can go look at it. 

So it’s not like,​“Hey, Michael, you need to take pictures and send them to Eric.” Now Eric can get right on CompanyCam and see his photos himself. There’s no more running around. 

Before CompanyCam, I’d have to drive two hours out of my way to get pictures. But now, I can just jump right on CompanyCam, select the photos and videos you need, and send them off. It’s very easy.

Especially during this pandemic, in these times, everyone needs to be on the same page.

I saw on your website that Integrity Roofing prides itself on your work and relationships with your clients. Do you think CompanyCam has played any role in building a relationship with your clients too?

Yeah, it definitely has. We have a couple of ladies that work for us and they don’t climb roofs. They’re not on the roofs, but they’re very good at selling.

So, they stand on the ground while I am on the roof taking pictures. They stand there with the customer, showing them real-life, real-time photos from the roof. 

CompanyCam is very convenient– the customers are usually pretty impressed by that. So, it definitely helps us in that area. And our customers love it.

How has CompanyCam impacted Integrity Roofing’s business success? Has CompanyCam reduced costs or improved productivity and growth?

Before CompanyCam, if a salesman snapped pictures and then deleted them later , the pictures were gone forever. Now with CompanyCam, it saves us a bunch of money because we have documentation.

Our customers love CompanyCam.

For example, sometimes customers will say,​“Hey, you broke this, or you cracked my driveway or something like that.” With CompanyCam, we show them documentation of the very day and time of the inspection. 

All photos are timestamped. We can tell our clients,​“this photo was taken before the inspection and the driveway looked like this — so we didn’t create the damage.” 

I hate dealing with these situations. I’m in a lawsuit right now with a customer that’s making all these accusations. Luckily we’re able to go into CompanyCam and show photos that prove we didn’t do the damage.

What is the most beneficial feature in CompanyCam, for you?

Being able to create the PDF photo reports is the most beneficial feature. 

You go through select pictures, create your PDF, and then you’re able to send it off to clients. To me that’s great. It’s very easy and simple to do. (And CompanyCam now offers Mobile Reports!)

The whole app is user-friendly. I like user-friendly stuff– some things are a little too much and too in-depth. CompanyCam is very simple to use! My son is five, and I’m sure he could use CompanyCam. 

So that is the most simple thing: go into CompanyCam, build your file, and send it off. Then your clients can open it and deal with it. You no longer have to jump through hoops so that they can see it. That’s the thing I love the most.

What would you say to individuals that are on the fence about using CompanyCam?

To get off the fence and just go ahead and get it.

I’d say​“listen, CompanyCam is the app you need!”

With CompanyCam you see everything: what’s going on, all your jobs, where your guys are. You can go in and look at all these pictures. It’ll help everybody.

I promote CompanyCam. I tell everybody about it.

Well, my last question would be to finish the sentence, CompanyCam is blank.

CompanyCam is the best photo app ever. I love it.

After reviewing your processes and evaluating your team, is it time to give CompanyCam a try? CompanyCam makes life easier for contractors in all industries.

With CompanyCam you can keep your photos organized and saved forever. You can easily find the photos you need, add text or drawings to the photos, and add your team. You’ll be able to see every photo in real time.

CompanyCam also has a ton of additional, unique features. Look at all the CompanyCam features through the link.

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CompanyCam is the best roofing app for iPhones and Androids. For additional roofing app recommendations, read our blog here.

Thanks for sharing your CompanyCam experience with us, Jeremy!

Jeremy Mauck works for Integrity Roofing. Integrity Roofing is a company that delivers a quality product coupled with customer service that is second to none. 

Integrity Roofing LLC has quickly become the go-to for storm restoration claims in both the Hickory & Charlotte area. They’d love to be your contractor! Get to know the whole Integrity Roofing LLC.

As the Brand Strategist at CompanyCam, Micki builds compelling narratives about those in the trades, researches brand positioning opportunities, strategizes effective distribution of content materials, interviews customers, and meets all the cool influencers at trade shows. After work, Micki can be found watching FIFA highlights, analyzing drama from The Bachelor, trying out new recipes, and lecturing her incorrigible cat, Tommy. It’s the little things.

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