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How to Earn More Closers Referrals

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The more people you refer to CompanyCam, the more prizes you earn. Here are a few tips to help you close more referrals and climb the Closers ranks.

What are you doing with that hour a day you’re saving by using CompanyCam? Taking on more jobs? Refining your processes? Watching TikToks?

If you don’t have an answer, I’ve got one for you: Start earning exclusive gear with CompanyCam Closers. Here are a few tactics to help you start moving up the Closers prize tiers:

Follow Up (And Then Follow Up Again)

The Closers program is pretty simple: You only get credit if the people you refer sign up and pay. Keep track of the people you have sent your link to and follow up with them periodically if they haven’t signed up using your link yet.

In the app or on the desktop, you can see which of your referees converts. If you do not see their names there, you should follow up. Here’s how:

  1. Give them a demo of your app. Give them a quick run-through of how you use CompanyCam to document and manage your work each day.
  2. Deep dive into a favorite feature (or two). Are you especially fond of a feature like to-do lists or reports? Show them how you utilize them.
  3. Tell them why you love CompanyCam. A little emotional appeal can go a long way.

If those don’t work, say, I’m one referral away from becoming a Grill Master. If you sign up, take a demo, and start using CompanyCam, beers and brats are on me for the rest of the summer.”

We also have a pre-recorded demo and tons of resources on our blog showing other cool features, like integrations, customer stories, and other insights.

Post Your Link on Social Media

The simplest way to get your link out to a lot of people at once is by posting it on your social media channels.

If you’re unsure what to say when you post, you’re in luck! When you click any of the options underneath Share Your Link, that app will open up and automatically have a post message ready for you to review, edit, and post!

I love CompanyCam, and I think it could help your business. Sign up to help me earn referral prizes — then you can start earning too. Use this link: http://​ssqt​.com/​u​n​i​q​u​elink

Another popular place to put your link is in your Instagram Stories. Posting to stories makes it easy for people to directly follow your link without clicking through to your profile. Plus, it provides you with some analytics, like how many people clicked it.

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The biggest pro with this is the number of people you can reach. The only downside is following up will be difficult since you won’t know who did and didn’t click your link. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Think Outside the Box

CompanyCam isn’t just for people in your trade. A range of service businesses can benefit from CompanyCam. We have a growing list of users in these industries who use CompanyCam to document their jobs and manage workflows:

  • Property managers use our app to document the condition of a dwelling before a tenant moves in and after they move out to show what needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Professional cleaners use CoCam to show work progress and create beautiful Before and After images to post on their social media.
  • Telecom and cable installers are often independent contractors. By thoroughly documenting their installs, they can reduce the risk of being blamed for damage on job sites.

If you frequently work with subcontractors, make sure you add them to your project as guest users or collaborators during the job. After the job, send them your Closers link. Not only could you earn a referral, but you’ll also have a strategic partner who’s used to using the same software as you the next time you link up on a project.

Be Passive After You’re Aggressive

Outside of actively trying to get sign-ups, there are a handful of places to passively put your link out into the world to earn referrals.

Some Closers have added their Closers referral links to their TikTok profiles, Instagram bios, and email signatures.

How to earn more closers referrals 2

The only downside to this is you won’t be able to chase down the people who’ve clicked on your link this way. But if you can get at least one referral this way, it’ll be the easiest sweatshirt you’ve ever earned.

Always Be Closers-ing

Being a Closer is a fun way to earn rewards for all the bragging you already do about CompanyCam. This doesn’t need to be your part-time job or anything — unless you really want to make sure you win the F‑150.

But implementing one (or some of) these things will better your chances of moving up the Closers ranks and collecting exclusive gear along the way.

Have a more creative way to get your link out to people who could use it? Let us know!

Christian is known round these parts as the silent wizard — whipping out editing, researching, and strategizing skills like it’s nobody’s biz. As a Content Strategist, he stays busy assisting our Product and Activation/​Retention teams with all their content needs — all while staying as quiet as possible. (Heaven forbid he’d talk too much.) 

After work, Christian can be found hanging out with his beautiful wife Ruth, playing catch with his dog Sunday, rewatching that one Indian reality TV episode he starred in (#famous), or making dumb vides on his fine. Go on, Christian. Share your work with the class.

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